Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In which sweet elizabeth bristol stood in yummy light and a waterfall :: sulphur springs, tx lifestyle and senior portrait photographer

Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart
Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart
When you go, what you leave is a work of art 
|| the paper kites - featherstone ||
Like anything in this life I believe the term, idea, and claim of being an "old soul" has become overused. With a world brimming with wannabes, hipsters, copycats, and those pretending to strive for rarity I think we've lost sight of how every individual -- not just the artists, the intellectuals, and the admired -- has something remarkable, fleeting, and precious to bring to the table of this life. There are so many ideas and passions and abilities that get suppressed because they don't "fit in" with the "standing out" that mainstream culture is screaming for. This young lady has a grasp of the reality of what she loves, what she wants to make, how she wants to inspire and what she wants to be inspired by. She doesn't pretend to know exactly where her road will end up (or even where she would like it to in some respects!) But she does know how she wants to walk the path, how she wants to cherish her authentic journey, and that being herself is not just okay, it is the grandest thing.
When Elizabeth asked in her own brilliantly excited, full of life, openly ecstatic way if I would shoot her senior portraits I was more than honored and completely thrilled. (It was going to be my first session as Allix Ruby so of course it began, even at face value, with a particular charm and advantage to it. ;) ) 
One of the biggest leaps of faith in Elizabeth's life right now is that she is a co-founder (with Claire Elizabeth and Liz Rudman) of Leaking Hearts Magazine which is a project so profound that it has brought me to tears seeing how the Lord is giving them such amazing success. Check out all its wonderfulness >> here (PLEASE PLEASE. It's truly splendid and challenging.) I love getting to see it all come together and, knowing all three girls, seeing how distinctive parts of each of them is what is giving such a gorgeous perspective to the whole thing. 
Not only is Elizabeth's inward beauty something worth stopping and basking in, her outward beauty is undeniable, elegant, breath-taking, and powerful. Her laughter, her stunning self, her precious personality, the delicious light we were blessed with the whole shoot, her poise, her thankfulness, her charisma, her unbridled joy....everything about this session warmed my heart and made the depths of my creative soul feel filled up to overflowing. <3
(Contrary to what you might be thinking, we didn't pick up and whisk off to the delightful hilly plains of Europe...but she certainly looks regal enough to pull off such a location.) 
What you are about to witness is incredibly adorable. Her reaction to sitting by a waterfall is, to this day, one of the happiest things I have ever encountered. :)
Sweet Elizabeth...you have a story to tell, you have things to make, you have people to bless, you have places to discover, you have a life to live and seeing you living it abundantly is a wonderful thing. Your care for others, your devotion to Christ, your passion for the things that matter -- all of it is moving. I love you, friend! Thanks for being a part of my journey and letting me be a part of yours. <3