Monday, January 14, 2013

Atlas Elizabeth is 18 months old so she played on the playground// paris, tx child and family portrait and lifestyle photographer

Atlas Elizabeth is getting to be quite the big girl these days and she wanted all of you too see how much she's grown. :)
After she plays with these rocks. Cause that's slightly more important at the moment.....
it'll just be a minute if you'd like to wait...she really needs Buckbee to see how cool the rocks are. 
Buckbee is her stuffed puppy you see here which looks like her real puppy...also named Buckbee for convenience. :)
Now she's done. :)
Her and her Mama, Mary, were fabulously matching.
And even though they couldn't find any lime green skinny jeans for Kenneth...he had to come along to do all the carrying and pushing of course. ;)
Notice the "hand barrier" both in front and behind...characteristic of a super protective Daddy. ;)
Please continue to notice the "I've gotcha" grip he's sporting.
I like when babies are at that stage in life where they realize how awesome it is that they're able to do all this new stuff and they walk around saying, "Woooaaa" all the time. I love it.
And then when such new things produce giggly grins like this. Yeah. I really love that. :)
Hey :)
"Yeah, I love ya too, Mama.
Now...please...I have work to do...
like driving....while simultaneously looking oh-so-fab....don't mind if I do. ;)"
Let's just say one of them is teaching the other one to whistle. ;)
Ok. I'm good. :)
Just in case you couldn't tell, I'll let you know...they're really fun. :)
She was like, "What? No. We don't stop swinging just to take a picture. It doesn't work that way."
Then it was time to leave.
No one likes the sound of that when you're having fun. :(
Kisses, however, always help. :)
The kind gesture inspired her to blow some kisses of her own. :)
Atlas...from my heart to yours....
I love you, little ma'am. 
It makes my heart full thinking of how God has directed your beautiful life these past 18 months. 
And just think! This is just the beginning! He has so much more wonderful things ahead for you!
But don't try to grow up too fast, mmmkay? Cause one day, when you're all old like me and stuff, I promise you'll wonder where the time went!
It'll fly by scary fast. So, just keep checking out them rocks for me. And hug Buckbee tighter. And hug Mama and Daddy even tighter than that. Cause they need your hugs. And love. Don't ever forget that, k babe? 
One day they'll miss your little curls and chubby cheeks. They will.
They'll miss this face.
They'll miss the way you are fascinated at everything as a 18 month old.
They'll even miss the pouting diva look. One of these days...
Stay sweet like Paw-Paw's cookies and curious like George and stylish like Mama and funny like Daddy.
Here's to the next wonderfull 18 months dear baby, you. :)

~Through Christ's Love