Wednesday, March 30, 2011

♥Sisterly Lovin'♥ {texarkana, tx family photographer}

Part Numbro Three :)
At the end of this day I still had one more destination to reach and job to finish.
Aunt Dawn, her two sisters, and her mom, Sue.
I must say, they were such a sweet group of girlies and I loved every minute of taking their pictures.
First off, I want you all to meet an amazing woman who is an absolute inspiration to me.
Her name is Detra. She is Aunt Dawn's little sister, she is a doll, and I love her to death. :) 
This was actually my first time to meet her and I wish I could have spent 3 months with her...she was so fun and cheerful. Which is inspiring in and of itself because this beautiful, smiling, full-of-life woman has terminal cancer: Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She is the 40 year old loving mother of three of whom is just 9 years old. Remember little Carson? Thats her baby. :) You would never guess that she has cancer if no one told you. She is amazing. 
Here she is with her loverly mother. (She is wonderful too!)

This is Detra with Andrea, the oldest sister. :)

And you know who this is by now ;)

Primping ;D

Their cute little feet-sees :)

Hehe ;)

Individual time :D

Yep....she's the mother believe it or not! She looks just as young and "chipper" as the three girls :D

So here's to Detra! She's a wonderful aunt

 and an awesome Mommy. :)

And here's to Sue, Dawn, and Andrea for being beautiful right along with her. :)
Hearts and Hugs to these girls!!

~Through Christ's Love 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dawn, Tyler, and Kelsey [Part Two] {texarkana, tx family photographer}

~Round Two~
P.S. Thanks for coming back for more! :D
The next day we headed to Tex-R-kana. To begin the day I started with a few pictures of my cousins in their Texas Longhorn jerseys. Now, all of you attentive, observant, over analytic readers out there...Hey! You're just like me! ;) And I bet you noticed that at the bottom of this post I'm wearing an A&M shirt, right? You saw that, didn't you? Aw, well...even if you didn't...let me explain. Many years ago my uncle attended UT in Austin. (fyi...I just ignored all you Aggie fans that muttered "TU" under your breath) ;P And the burnt orange heritage has continued strong since he (and therefore Tyler and Kelsey) still live in Austin. Ever since the Twins were about 9 months old they could do the "Hook 'Em Horns" sign with their tiny fingers. :) Just by default, I have found myself pledging loyalty to the Longhorns ever since I can remember. However, a friend of mine is now attending Texas A&M University  and his family bleeds maroon, if you catch my drift. ;) So I must put forward that I am entirely peaceful to both sides of the fence and have no problem sporting a maroon t-shirt one day and a burnt orange one the next. :)

BUT! That is beside the point altogether....I want you to see how adorable they look in their Longhorn garb. :)

Then we went and picked up their cousin Carson who lives in Texarkana to get some cuz-pics. ;) Btw...downtown Texarkana was an INCREDIBLE place to shoot...Loooved it!!
Oooo-wee! There's just something about this one that keeps me coming back to stare at it. :D Kelsey and Carson have some killer "serious looks."
And, of course, I had to get some more with them and their purty mamasita. :)
Happy Smiles :D
And contented smiles :)

(Btw...cute little Carson is 9 going on 10)

I must mention there was a beeeea-u-tiful dogwood tree in this little alleyway :)
I with this old made me sad to leave it....*sigh* it was SO neat!

The sign above this awesome door seriously said, "Customers, do come in." I felt like I was being invited to an English was so polite and brightened my day. :D
Love it :) 
Okay...I thought this was just precious with the ad reading "Reliable" in the background.What better way to add "character" to an image than to add a character trait? ;)

The one on the right is just Too Cute!! :D

Oh! And I have to show you one more thing...we let the kiddies take a break and stopped at the Texarkana park (which is GREAT!) 
I had just as much fun...or more I'm they did. ;) Trust would be swinging too...they have a big red swing that looks like a was The Best. Hey...btw...the middle one is rather Farmgirl and Flipflopish dontcha think?? (Love ya Hannah! :D) of these lovelies is on the way...but this time some new gorgeous ladies are gonna be in the mix. Stick around! :D (Well, I mean...not literally...please don't sit here til Wednesday, waiting for the next post. Your eyes would never forgive you. ;) )

Happy Monday, dear readers :)

~Through Christ's Love