Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer's End : just because // northeast, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

What is it, this golden sheer draping itself over us
Like silken tapestry painting the sky and everything below?
Tis the last drop of summer's light
Treasure it, children
Because sooner than you would like to believe
It is gone. 

You probably have already gathered how dearly I love these girls. I am both highly aware and extremely fond of every time they blink their long perfectly curled eyelashes, shining up those dazzling sapphire eyes. I giggle inside when they talk to me in their country accents so thick and rich like honey, molasses, and maple syrup combined. I can't help but smile when a frosty blonde tipped curl brushes over those round rosy cheeks. And when they smile back, sometimes mischievously, or shyly, or excitedly, or trustingly...I would freeze time, if I could, and just squeeze 'em until they couldn't take it, not a minute more. :)
Lack of front teeth. *sigh*
This is a favorite Maggie face of mine. :)
This is Maggie's favorite Maggie face. 
Sometimes I wish I could see what is behind these dramatic looks...what beautiful thoughts are reeling in that mind of hers? :)
Perhaps you have noticed that things have been rather quiet around here...vlog wise. I haven't forgotten about it. :)
My Mam-maw has been very very sick this past month. We had scare after scare as she dealt with severe blood pressure irregularities which caused her to pass out and stop breathing multiple times through the past few weeks. She had a major operation to repair a main artery in her neck that was blocked. And she has spent more of her time in the hospital than not as of late. She is home for now, still taking it easy. The Lord has been very merciful to her and to all our family as we wait by her side. He has given us all peace, knowing that no matter what He determines to happen, it is perfect because it is His will. :)
As you can see, Graham is fixing her up just fine and so a vlog may be quite feasible in the near future. 
Thanks for the help, Graham. :)
Things don't really feel like fall around here yet. Maybe because Texas hardly has a true autumn. Its more like hot, Hot, HOT...then, Does it feel a little cooler to you? and BAM! It's winter, baby!! You didn't cut firewood?? It's December you fool, don't you know it gets cold?! Yeah. We don't have a gradual textbook transition from summer to fall to winter. It's all discombobulated and timed very...uniquely. Despite the lingering of the scorching heat at midday, I can feel summer singing its swan song as tans fade, the days get shorter and the mornings  and nights are crisp and chilly. It has been quite a summer indeed. And this fall is promising to be just as delightful. :)
~Through Christ's Love 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Kelsey Layne : portraits // northeast, tx portrait photographer

On August 12, fourteen years ago, a baby boy was born first. But a few minutes later, his twin sister's cry filled the room. She was the youngest, yet, almost from the very first moments of their life, we all expected her to eventually be the bigger personality. She didn't disappoint.
She's always been rough and tumble, fearless, bold, extremely mischievousness and severely loyal to her big brother. Before they could walk she would climb out of her crib, crawl to the side of his, put her hands up, opening and closing them in a drawing fashion, coaxing him to come out with, 
"Tuller Boy, 'm'ere 'm'ere!" 
She's a schemer.
Once when their mother dressed them up for the day, she left the room for a brief moment, hurrying back because the twins were on the kitchen counter. She came back to find Kelsey covering herself in yogurt, happily exclaiming, 
"Shoap Mama, shoap!"
She likes to look nice.
One time she dipped her hands in glue and put hand prints all in a line all the way around my room. Then she put these huge decal flower sticker things all over my wooden closet doors. Think 70s flower power decor. Ooooh yeah.
Several of my VHS movie cases got dressed in little stickers too around the same time.
She's creative.
When her and Tyler were toddlers, with matching curly cotton tops and blue jean overalls, she chased a boy at the park who had picked on her brother. He was twice or three times her size and yet she ran at him with all her might, finally trapping him in a crawl through space on the playground equipment. Aunt Dawn had to pry those little fingers from the poor boy's ankle. She was kicking and screaming, 
"He hurt my Tuller Boy! Let me at 'em, Let me at 'em!" 
She's a brave one.
I have always tried to look out for her like she was my own little sister...even if she did smash words together that our family still refers too {like "done-ished" and "lasterday."} Me and her were close like those smashed up words of hers. We sucked our thumbs, walked barefoot for miles, played pretend, climbed on everything like monkeys; aspiring to be gymnasts, chased Mam-maw's kittens, teased Tyler because he could only call her Telsey until they were nearly 8 or 9, ate three pieces of Juicy Fruit at a time every time, stayed up late laughing and giggling.....together. Now we try to play Adele songs on the piano, put on our mascara, use Instagram, jump on the trampoline remembering being younger, still eat three pieces of Juicy Fruit and stay up late, and we're practically grown up.....together. She's always been my little buddy. I love her love her love her and I will always have her back no matter what happens. {You hearing me Kels!?!} I'm off to cry my eyes out because this little girl is not so little anymore. *Sob.* 
P.S. If you can get past her incredible eyes, let's mention her hair which has always been enchanting. Its like lusciously soft, fine baby doll hair. And this awesome gorgeous perfect perm look? Right out of a french braid. Psssh, does that happen? No clue. Mine would neverrrr do that. Zigzag uneven crimp frizz head look...maybe. These curls? Ha! In my dreams. 

Hugs to my beautiful cuz.

~Through Christ's Love