Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lenora Hope : Senior Portraits // northeast, tx lifestyle and senior portrait photographer

Another day, another senior, and yep yep yep...another blast from my past. ;)
If Hope were a bird, she'd be a hummingbird. Small, lovely, vivacious, full of life, strong-hearted, and fast paced while still being able to rest her wings and bask in the moment of being content with the simple. 
She has small-town in her veins, in a sea of people she's everybody's favorite, and she loves her family deeply....and believe me when I say "her family"
 I'm talking her huge family. :)
Speaking of that family of hers, down a long dirt road in the middle of literally nowhere in a tiny close-knit Texas community called Cuthand, pretty much every house...and pasture...and pond...and tree belongs to someone related to her. She knows everybody and everybody knows her. 
On this dirt road there is one house in particular that means an awful lot to this girl because it was her Mammaw Susie's. 

It was a beautiful, emotional, sentimental element to start the shoot with....and it was just the humble beginning of a spectacular evening with this precious old friend of mine.

I had so much fun catching up with you and capturing your fabulous self, Hope! Love ya, friend. :)

~Through Christ's Love