Monday, May 6, 2013

Emily Ruth : Senior Portraits // sulphur springs, tx lifestyle and senior portrait photographer

Yet again, I'm here to bring you another one of my gorgeous seniors that I knew as a child. :) This girl has always held a special place in the bottom of my heart....if you could see that place I'm quite sure it would be a periwinkle blue box tied up with a yellow ribbon filled with delightful memories, old snapshots, and excess amounts of giggles. We were thick as thieves way back when. When recently glancing at the autograph section of an old year book from fourth grade my eyes rested upon her adorable little signature with this message beneath it: "Allix, You are my best friend. You've always been my best friend. That's why I love you. Your BFF." I laughed, and smiled, and tried not to get teary-eyed as I read that when getting myself pumped to take her senior pictures.
As you can see, I try to just be real, transparent, and leave my heart and all my emotions out on the floor when I work. It's just all part of the job.  ;) 
Which is why my heart swelled up inside of me thinking about this:
When I pulled out my camera to take this:
My precious little buddy for life...the first real redhead I ever knew with more "angel kisses" than I could even begin to count {I was aaaalways jealous of those freckles....they put the few sprinkled across my cheeks, that I love, to shame by far.}
Getting reacquainted with her laugh after so long made me happy. :) 

By the way, as a high-five worthy side note, her softball team just became Area Champs and are headed to Regional Quarterfinals {and eventually to State to win it all of course. Whoop Whooooop!} ;)
Gaaaaaawsh. What a cutie :D
Em Em EEEEEMMM! I missed you, girl! Thanks for hanging around downtown with me and letting me capture your gorgeous fierceness in the meantime. Happy graduating, love! xoxo
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. these are gorgeous Allix as always - and that stone wall :D

  2. She is SO STUNNING. And you miss are SO talented!

  3. Allix these are wonderful! And this is such a beautiful young lady.

  4. these are fabulous, Allix! she is gorgeous, and has such a pretty smile. :) best friends are such treasures. <3


  5. love this, allix! and that last photo at the end made me smile. :)

  6. ahhhh, allix.
    LOVE these, girl.
    it's always such a blessing to reunite with old friends. :)

  7. These are so gorgeous!!
    Well done Allix :)

  8. I love how you've known most of your 2014 seniors since you were little! I'm so excited for next year, hopefully I'll be in the same place as you! :)

  9. wow, you really outdid yourself!! i loved the pictures!!!

  10. These are indeed lovely photos of your friend, Allix. Great shots! :)

    Hey, if you're ever in my area (or I in yours) I think we should totally book a session together. :) Thoughts?

    Take care, and hope you have a wonderful day in the Lord!

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