Monday, June 24, 2013

Lyndi Lane Starr : Senior Portraits // mt. vernon,tx senior portrait and lifestyle photographer

This lovely lady was my last 2013 senior and she ended the season well. Before I say anything else, I feel the need to take time to mention her does one get a legit name like that? I mean...f'real. That's like celebrity stage name right there, y'all. I dig it.
Also she brought her horse...appropriately named Blue.

 Him and Lyndi have that special "girl and her horse" best friend bond that every little girl dreams about at least once in her life. {Am I right? Yes. I am.} She's also crazy talented when it comes to handling one of the best I've ever seen. She is a beast at all different kinds of competitions with him and she does horse judging and training on the side. Which is why when she goes to college, she's gets to bring Blue with her...cause she's so cool like that. ;)

She had one of those shy, giggly personalities in front of the camera that says, "I've never really had pictures taken of myself...I don't know if I'm very good at it...." Subjects like that can make my job very fun...cause I get to spend the next few hours proving them wrong. ;) This girl turned out being far more fabulous than she even thought possible....

....and the blast that we had exceeded her expectations too. :) I try to keep things consistant and be a traveling party of funtastic wherever I go. ;)
K. Moving on from my lame commentary....hows about you just focus on her and Blue's cuteness and ignore me. Good plan. ;)

And now the next three pictures I shall present as a little series I like to call:
"How All of Us 2013 Seniors Feel About Having Finally Graduated. Whoo-to-the-Hoo, Baby."
Catchy, isn't it?

Oh, just for the record...she HAND. MADE. this belt she's wearing. Shyeah. It's official...I take pictures of the awesomest people. :)

Thank you again, Lyndi, for ACCIDENTALLY MATCHING ME {hoooow shweet is that??}//tromping through the field with me//being adorable//letting me ride Blue bareback//having fun out there. :)

~Through Christ's Love