Friday, April 26, 2013

Dustin Lane : Senior Portraits // northeast, tx lifestyle and senior portrait photographer

Fun fact!
I am graduating homeschool this spring. I've been homeschooled since 6th grade. But I went to a small public school here in my town Kindergarten through 5th grade. :) As if graduating wasn't exciting enough, my business blowing up because all my old elementary school buds want me to take their senior pictures has made this year super fun/exciting/crazy/busy/productive. ;) I really love it!
Even though I'm getting all sentimental and sappy because the last time I saw all these people they had chubby baby faces, snaggletooth smiles, and were like four foot something. No joke.
Wheeeeere is time going? For example; enter the man of the hour: Dustin. :)

I seriously haven't seen him since the last day of 5th grade. I've got some craaazy memories from those public school days centered around this guy. Never a dull moment with him around, that's for sure. ;) Goodness gracious! What happened to the mischievous, hilarious, absolute goofball of a little dude with his super shaggy haircut? {Yep. Gotta love those early 2000s} I found this epic jewel hiding in an old yearbook. Man. We were...the coolest. Can't you tell?! I

He wasn't supposed to grow up into a man headed off to UTI to be a diesel mechanic while I wasn't looking! ;)

I love this because this is one of his "little boy" faces. ;) I've seen it plenty of times in my life.

Yep. He's cool....aaaand a bit of a show-off. ;)

Thanks for being such a good sport, D*RO. I know not every guy likes getting his picture taken...but cleeeeearly you were a natural. High five, man. :)