Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kelsey Cheyenne : Senior Portraits // mt. pleasant, tx lifestyle and portrait photographer

Not everyone has the ability to be sweeter than sugar sprinkled on strawberries on top of a big bowl of homemade vanilla ice-cream and cuter than a room full of the fluffiest baby animals you can think of. But I believe this girl is one of the darling few. :) We were good friends when we were little girls and its been way too long since I've seen her. We weren't together more than 10 minutes and we realized that we missed each other to pieces!! Oh Miss Kelsey...where do I even begin with you? :)
She is seriously one of the most photogenic people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Whether she's striking her fierce model look, smirking, smiling, or full-blown laughing her heart out, she looks altogether precious. And the way she rocks those stellar bangs? Cut it oooout with the fabulousness, girl! You're killin' me! 
If I haven't gotten the point across previously, I will fill you in on a secret thats really not much of a secret....I'm a bit of a goof. I just am. That's how it is. If I get nervous I can clam up and be super shy when I (or anybody else) least expects it....go figure. But for the most part I'm nutty, and crazy, and witty, and overthetop, and silly, and giggly. And as I worked with KelseyKels that was especially the case. The plan for the afternoon was to take her senior pictures....but with this girl it turned into a major giggle fest within the first ten minutes and lasted the rest of the day. ;)

 We just basically had a blast hanging out and almost forgot from time to time that she was posing and I was photographing. I called her my little forest fairy...a nickname she thoroughly embraced and delighted in.

She's all like, "That's right. I AM the forest fairy...and don't you forget it!" ;)

This series started a trend. I "mustache" you to keep an eye out for Kelsey's other 'staches. ;)

I can't even express how fun this girl is...so I made this gif to try and scratch the surface.

Wavin' to the train. :)

As if she wasn't cool enough being model gorgeous/photogenic Kelly Clarkson look-alike, a dancer, a forest fairy, and a Texas Rangers fan....she's a cheerleader...which is a fancy way of saying she can do the splits. ;) Gosh, I can't even do the splits in my dreams.

Yes. Super Mega Ultra Cool. That's Kelsey. ;)

Darling Kelseyfriend!! I had so much fun taking your senior pictures!! You made my job easy peasy lemon squeezy, sugar pie. xoxo :)
Now....go be a model or something. F'real. ;)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Allix, all of your photos on this site are breathtaking, but I must say I think these are my favorite. Kelsey is gorgeous, and you captured her beautiful soul PERFECTlY!
    Fantastic job :)


  2. holy cow. I could choose a favorite if you paid me too. gosh, these are absolutely stunning. her smile is crazy gorgeous and she totes rocks the bangs. and she is a splitting image of Kelly C!

  3. Allix! These are TOO GOOD! AND KELSEY IS A DOLL! This is your best work. By far. Woman, you are getting GOOOOD! Can't wait for you to take mine!!

  4. I totally one hundred percent agree with Rachel!! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, Allix, these are stunning! Every one is so gorgeous! She has such a beautiful smile and her eyes are so pretty. And I think you two had a little to much fun. ;) hehehe!

    I'm wishing I lived closer to Texas, cause these photos make me want to have my portrait taken by you. :)

  6. love this!! kelsey seems like SO much fun!! adorable as heck!

  7. Brilliant Alex. Just brilliant. They're amazing.

  8. Wow, every one of these is stunning. She looks like loads of fun, you captured her smile so well.
    Also, I love your editing style.

  9. wow these are gorgeous - the light, her eyes the poses, the moustaches :) I love doing those too :) well done! they are fantastic!

  10. These are amazzzing. like oh so beautiful. absolutely stunning.

    oh- and i discovered that we only live 2 hours away from each other, so next time your up here visiting Jessica, we should get together and do a shoot! I can learn so much from you. :D plus, i need new pictures. lol.

  11. oh my word! kelsey is just pure adoreableness and Allix girl, have I ever mentioned that you've got serious talent? love these to pieces! :)

  12. Oh wow, I get what you mean...she's cute! :)

  13. She is SO gorgeous + the lighting in these are amazing! xx

  14. The colour in these are amazing! So much diversity too :)

  15. Oh my gosh!! She is gorgeous and stunning and beautiful and all of the above!!!! :D FAB-UUU-LUUSSS PICTURES, ALLIXX!!!!!!!

  16. wow i always love when you do seniors!!! I really loved all of these!!! Do you use lightroom for your editing????

  17. What a DOLL! My favorites are the ones in the golden grass. Props to you both for a beautiful job!

  18. THE BOKEH!! Oh gosh, you take the best photos, and she looks so cute and fun! I've noticed you seem to take a lot of your photos at golden hour, which gives them all a special touch. You are sooo talented :)



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