Thursday, April 11, 2013

introducing: some louisiana littles + my very favorite // denton, tx lifestyle and portrait photographer

For I know the plans I have for you,
declares the Lord
plans for welfare and not for evil
to give you a future and a hope. 
|| jeremiah 29:11 ||

Life is such a funny creature with all its unexpected twists and turns. I don't want to go all cliche and use the box of chocolates analogy...but it's true, you know. You really do never know what you're gonna get. I am a pro when it comes to planning for my future. As in...seeking to single-handedly set in stone what my life will look like in the coming years. I am a master when it comes to playing out possible scenarios in my head with grandiose detail of exactly what I and others around me will do and how things will fall precisely into place just how I would like them to. My plans are often tweaked as time progresses..."Like a skilled sculptor chisels away at their masterpiece, improving upon its lovely potential to be absolutely perfect." says my mind. But in reality, I have to tweak these fantasies because that's all they really are. Fantasies. Impossible figments of my imagination that usually seek to please myself more than anyone else. And as time goes on I start to notice that my plans are ill-fitting like a pair of shoes that is getting too tight or a sweater that's been stretched out. My real life just can't seem to get the memo and pour itself into the mold that I've created for it so diligently. It always seems to take a drastically different course. What's up with that, huh?!
Then I remember. I know exactly what's up with that.
I serve a sovereign God whose ways and thoughts are not mine. They are not only different but infinitely higher according to Isaiah 55.
He has a plan for me that I cannot even begin to fathom that is so much more marvelous, and grand, and wonderful, and good than anything I could try to conjure up in my dreams. The hairs of my head are numbered and my days are in His hands. He does all that He does for His own glory and for my good. Not what I think will be best for me, but what He knows is perfect for me. He knows because before the beginning of time He planned it that way for me.Wow. Why can't I remember that?!...what a way to throw my selfish perspective into a tailspin.
I'm going to introduce you to some rather special people today. I really want you to meet them. Now take note: I also really want you to like them. Because I sure do. Very much. They make my heart burst with happyhappy thoughts and praise God for creating them. God has graciously used them in a particular way to teach me to better know that I am not in charge of my future. And that is not only "not a bad thing"...that is the best thing. :)

The last weekend in March I attended a Bible Conference in Denton, TX and while there I was finally able to meet some littles that I had heard so much about, they had already managed to get themselves wrapped tightly around my heart. I wasn't sure what they would think about me. I was all jittery and nervous hoping that I could be their new friend. I take making friends very seriously. Especially when they're as cute as these two. ;) It took some patience but finally I got what I was waiting for. An invitation from Miss Anabelle to join her game of pretend. Score. :)

This is Anabelle. She is not your average little Miss. She's quite extraordinary. She has the most adorable southern drawl, she has a pink BB gun in her possession, and she had a pet pig named Wilber that got its head stuck in a can one time. Now she has a pet dog named Goldie. Its a Golden Retriever. Because I'm her new best friend, {yes. obvious fact} she said that one day soon I get to come to her farm in Louisiana and take pictures of her in a pretty dress with Goldie at her side. I will be more than happy to oblige. :) Something else quite special about the girl behind those piercing blue eyes and smile that could melt anyone's heart is the undeniable love she has for her little brother, Abram.

That's this cute little dude right here.

Abram himself is quite a story of God's ultimate control and goodness. It blesses my heart tremendously to see how much he is loved, not only by Anabelle, but by his Mama and Daddy too. What a wonderful thing God has done to give him loving parents to bring him and his sister up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Something unique about this precious boy is that last year, after a series of struggles and much confusion, he was diagnosed with autism. I knew this before I met him but I didn't really know what it would be like to finally meet him face to face. What I was struck by is what a beautiful little person he is...made in the image of God. :)

"Abram's such a silly boy." Anabelle giggles as she watches him hop from side to side. I smile as I watch him playing in his own little world. I'm fascinated trying to wonder what is going on inside his head. "Do you like being a big sister, Anabelle?" I say. "Oh yes. I love my brother. I love him so much." she replies.

One thing I admired greatly is how treasured he is by his family. He is not treated like a burden...but like the gift that he truly is. They don't treat his differences like hindrances...just part of who he is. Something particular about him that they simply adapt to. He has to be on a very special diet {having over 30 food intolerances} and he can't interact with others in the same way as children without autism. But I didn't see them despairing over these things. I'm sure on a day to day basis its tough...its a trial. But I was encouraged to see them embrace it as what the Lord has seen fit for them and for their son. They have been very diligent to find out things that he can safely eat and also find means to keep him calm and happy. Like music. Abram loooooves listening to music.
{me too, buddy. meeee too. :)}

Such a goofball. ;)

Meeting him blessed my heart beyond words. The Lord has been seeking to teach me that His sovereignty over my life and everything else is a wonderful truth. Even when I can't understand it. Even when it makes little to no sense to me. It is perfect. He used Abram as a tool to drive that home even more. There's not a thing wrong with Abram. His autism is the very thing God intended to bring Himself glory. We may not know exactly why. But He does. And that is a precious thing.

As Abram danced around and Anabelle flitted about telling me stories of her fishing pond, I snapped away enjoying and trying to capture each moment I could. It was such a sweet time of simplicity and joy. I wanted to soak it all in and not miss even an inkling of its beauty.

{matching pink sandals. i tooold you we were besties.}

Now. We've reached something of a climax to this post: the next person that I want to introduce. A means of grace the Lord has specifically used to instruct me in recent months. To assure me certainly that His plan for me is beyond words and imagination better than anything I ever wanted or thought I needed. We're watching the story...our story...that God had written before time, unfold everyday. It's an achingly beautiful thing learning to trust God as He leads and guides us. One day, Lord willing, I hope to tell you all a bit more of our tale...but for now; this time, I would like to proudly present...ummm, I mean....I want you all to meet someone who has become my most special friend in the whole world...: Trevor. :) He's my very favorite. :) :)

{you may all now applaud if you wish. ;)}

He is actually the mutual connection between Anabelle + Abram's family and I. Jeffery, Anabelle + Abram's Daddy, is one of his best friends. He had told me so much about them so naturally I had been dying to finally meet them in person for awhile.
Anabelle, I know what you're thinking here....and you're right. He's a mess. ;) And ya better watch out cause...

Yep. I knew it. Spontaneous tickle fight. Shoulda seen that one coming, girly. ;)
Man...seeing this makes me think about her giggle. One of my new favorite sounds ever. :)

And now for the final introduction: This is Jeffery and Challie. Such dear dear Christians. I can't even begin to say how thankful I was to meet them. They were fun and refreshing to be around. Their patience, humor, kindness, joy, sweetness, unique personalities, wisdom, and overall just their utter love for the Lord Jesus Christ....they are magnificent trophies of God's grace and mercy. I love these four already. So much.
Anabelle said this as they were getting in their car to leave,
"Isn't that girl taking pictures of us coming to our house to take pictures of me and Goldie today? I wanted her to come home with us today." :)
That's it. Count me in. I'll pack my bags. Mark it on my calender. Sometime, hopefully very soon....I'm coming to Louisiana. ;)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Such a beautiful family! I've had a similar experience with a "disabled" child in the past year or two. A family at our church (really wonderful crazy amazing people) has a daughter who has DS. I used to be terrified of people with DS, but after watching her grow up, I can't possibly not love them. God's teaching me beautiful things. And how can I possibly not love her when she melts into my shoulder?!

    Thanks for introducing us to these special people. ;) Can't wait to meet them again! :D

  2. This is one of the best posts I've read in a long, long time.

    So true in all aspects.

    Thank-you for sharing your thoughts with us. :)

  3. So so very happy for you. :-) And this post...just, yes.

  4. What a beautiful family! You wrote this very well, Allix! Now you have got some explaining to do little lady! Tell your story, um yes, you had better and soon!!! :D I'm excited for you darling!

  5. These kiddos are so precious, both of them, and I love seeing them through your eyes! and, um, ;) yeah, girl! that's perrty neat. ;)

  6. So super happy for you:) Love this post and YOU!

    No pictures of you two together:)

  7. Oh, how my heart rejoices. Crying happy tears here. This is cause for thanksgiving -- praising the Giver of all good things for how He is working in your heart and life. You are so beautiful, my dear friend, and I love seeing your story unfold, bit by bit. Blessed and thankful for YOUUU. Also...this post? Pretty much the bomb . com.

  8. i wish i could tell you how much i love this post. but unfortunately, you have put me at a loss for words. :)
    all i have to say:

    that girlies eyes are gorgeous. and that is one of the sweetest boys i have ever seen. :) i love them. like seriously love them. ;)

    wonderful job capturing their personalities and adorableness. :D


  9. SUCH gorgeous shots, and aaah happiness!

  10. Allix, these are so lovely. the colors are great, their little mannerisms you've captured are precious, and the story you tell is so sweet.

  11. ohmyword so so beautiful and precious! :))) so very very happy for you Allix <3 <3

  12. this story is beautiful and SUCH a testament to God's goodness... not only in your life but in Abram's family's life. :)
    (btdubbs -- you were in Denton?!? ahhh, I literally live, like, ten minutes from there. in general, we're really geographically close to each other. :) I think an eventual meet-up is in order.... ? just throwing that out there. ;) .)
    this post is all kinds of wonderful, allix. and I'm very happy about your dear trevor. he's a looker. ;)

  13. wowowww, I love this. really, I do, and you should know that I'm one of those people that doesn't actually read blog posts, I just like to look at the pictures, but I totally read this. what cute children, and trevor... he's cute too. you guys are super adorable together. anyway, love you deary. :)

  14. this made me smile so much. :)
    not only are your photos SO sweet, but the story behind them is beautiful and special. also, your news makes me SO dang excited for you! :)

  15. Love the photos, Allix. Your shots are beautiful. So happy for you and your news. He looks like a great+sweet guy. :)

  16. Oh my goodness, I love these...the kids are so cute and you've captured this lovely family perfectly! :)

  17. I loved this post! I also can't wait to see where God will lead my life!

  18. What exciting ways the Lord is moving in your life! Enjoy every single moment!
    Your images capture such precious people----keep it up!
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  19. ahhh allix I only just saw this ! :) but those kids and prescious and so are you and your boyfriend ;) ! the Lord is so good ! :)

  20. Too bad I live like 1,000 miles away from you because you're heart is amazing:)


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