Monday, July 27, 2015

in which brooklyn elise graces the world with her fairylike beauty :: paris, tx lifestyle and senior portrait photographer

"Let your colors burn, and brightly burst,
Into a million sparks, but all dispersed and illuminate a world,
That'll try to bring you down, but not this time
Fill the darkest night, with a brilliant light,
Cause it's time for you to shine"
|| shooting star - owl city ||

Brooklyn is the type of girl that you instantly want to get to know as soon as you see her...or at least I did when I first saw a picture of her. Her beauty is immediately striking and I unknowingly had her pegged as someone whose presence would fill a room instantly; the life of any event. But when we met in person for her session after being online friends for awhile, I realized I was quite mistaken! I was intrigued to find a quiet, thoughtful, old-soul, observant, "dig deep to find the treasure within!" type girl. I felt like I was cracking a code every time she opened up in front of my camera; as her shy mysterious soft smiles would break flawlessly into pleasant peals of laughter.  She has an easy to be with, soothing personality; sweet, gentle, meek. She is the essence of springtime, floral, and pastel. She is fiercely talented and a lover of all things beautiful whether in books, music, or art. She is a creative to the core, dabbling in photography, calligraphy, and she loves graphic design, which is what she'll be majoring in beginning this fall at Oral Roberts University! Her dearest passion is seeking, following, and loving Jesus Christ and it shows in all that she does. Thank you so much for letting me have the privilege of photographing you as a senior, Brooklyn! I can't wait to see what the Lord has for you in this next big season of your life. :)