Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jon and Marlena: married || lake tyler petroleum club, tyler, tx wedding photographer

This is the story of how a super-crazy-out there-never in a million years could that possibly happen-dream of mine came true and became an omyword-pinch me I'm dreaming-get out a'town-no way-I still can't believe that happened to me-experience.

I know you are all chomping at the bits to see the pictures from my VERY FIRST WEDDING to second my life, but if you would excuse me while I step up on my soap box and give a monologue I would appreciate your patience. ;) 
Way back when in 2008 or so I was introduced to the magical world that is professional photography. I will admit I was a bit intimidated. Dazzled, mesmerized, and enchanted, yes, but intimidated nonetheless. I fearfully gripped my tiny point and shoot Olympus camera facing the mighty gulf between me and that beautiful world that I had just found. My heart might've fallen just slightly at the hopelessness of it all. I knew that I would love to take f'real pictures, if you will, one day but the dream seemed really really really far away.
At the same time that I discovered this serious new side to photography I also dipped my toes into the giant ocean that is the pro. photographer blogosphere. 
One of the first people my search zeroed in on behind that sea of lenses was a girl from Frisco with a fancy rotating blog header, dreamy yellow background, amazzzing curly blond hair, the cuuutest little sister, a gorgeous style of photography, and a name catchier than Mickey Mouse himself. ;)
I found her through another awesome wedding photographer who had just hosted her as an intern.
Yes ladies and gentlefolks, through the spectacular Kristen Leigh I found the precious Jessica Shae. :)
Everything she posted was just so pleasant...Without any training or even much practice I became a blog stalker ;) I was also intrigued by the fact that she was just a young girl from Texas doing what she loved. No extra glamour attached. It gave my little spark of hope that maybe I really could do photography one day a reason to keep on flickering. I watched her business and work grow into something more and more beautiful month by month. I silently cheered her along as she became a newbie and then a legit wedding photographer. If it were possible I would have sent her all the love, pomp, and fanfare I could muster up right through my computer screen. 
As much as I love to chatter, I'll skip a few details and fast forward to January of this year.
I read her greatest blog post yet. If I was anymore sentimental than I already am {which would be dangerous} I would've bawled as I read her account of That Internship that had brought me to the front door of her blog in the first place so long ago. And then, she actually did it. She declared that she herself was hosting internships. 
I had just bought my very first DSLR camera in November {which had opened a new well of photographic happiness for me as you would imagine},  I was on the brink of beginning to slowly think about maybe biting the bullet {that pretty much goes against the whole idea of biting the bullet and defeats the purpose, doesn't it?} and starting my photography business and it just felt right. I thought I may be too young to attend but I sent the email anyway.
She accepted me.
I went to her house in Frisco in the blizzard winds of February. I was one of her first interns. Ever. 
That still doesn't even sound right. ;D
Fast forward again past a lot of precious details about how I soon became her friend and not just her cyber acquaintance/blog stalker.
And now we arrive at October 15th.
The day that I got to second shoot a wedding with Jessica Shae.

Let's just say I was battling over the top nervous/excited/butterfly-infested-stomach emotions. 
 But I had one of the greatest friends ever to be over the top nervous/excited/butterfly-infested-stomach-y with. :D As if it wasn't awesome enough that we did the internship together, we got to second shoot our first wedding together. Ridiculously great, right? I know!
And before the pictures reeeally start coming, I have to give a shout out to the bride and groom, Jonathan and Marlena Barber. Their wedding was like the PERFECT one to "cut my teeth" on. It was simple, laid back, low stress, gorgeous location, colors, lighting, and people. Seriously, it was a win-win all the way around. Alright, so here it favorites. :)
Jessica doing her thing :)
And Jon and Marlena doing theirs ;)

Marlena looked so lovely that day. :)

Spontaneous bear hug? Not quite...just pose coaching. ;)

 Check out the ring-bearer's peeking action ;)
After a yummy dinner of Mexican food, the music began. :D Jon's in a band! How cool is that? 
The even cooler thing is that he sang especially for Marlena. It was soooo sweet. :D
Then he put the drumsticks down and danced the night away with his gorgeous bride. :)
~Through Christ's Love 
P.S. Go check out Jessica and Rachel's posts about the day!! Them girls did wwwwonderful. As usual. :D