Thursday, November 12, 2015

in which connor + hannah are young, in love, and almost married :: shreveport, la engagement photographer

I found the heart of my best friend
It's the kind of love that understands
He said it changed his life to be my man
So he bought a ring and took my hand
|| found a heart - emily hearn ||
These two met when they were just 13 and 14. It all began when Hannah started attending Connor's church and she caught his interest the moment he saw her. The first time they spoke was nothing out of the ordinary, just a simple introduction at a Youth Camp their church attended. Shortly after the camp they started talking via Facebook, but around that time she found out her family was moving to a town in Texas. After a year of talking through Facebook and over the phone, she was able to attend the Youth Camp once again. During this week at camp, she quickly began to realize that he could be the one for her. Over the next couple of years they spent the time getting to know each other even better and seeing each other as often as possible. At this point in their relationship her parents began to let him come around, and he started spending a lot of time with her family. For almost a year all of their time was spent with her family, never really leaving the opportunity for her to get to know his. Once her parents began to allow her more freedom, she started spending more time with his family and she enjoyed seeing Connor's roots. This April, the day after her 18th birthday...which also happened to be Easter, Connor took her to one of the city parks. They were the only ones there that day because it had been raining. They spent some time feeding the geese and ducks. They walked to this small stone dock by the pond there. In the middle they stood discussing what we wanted out of life, then he got down on one knee and he asked her to marry him. She immediately said, "Duh! Yes!" And they laughed, hugged, kissed, and were excited to tell their families!!
I had the best time taking their engagement photos in June at Daingerfield State Park. And I am thrilled to be capturing the day they become husband and wife in his family's woods in Shreveport...this Saturday!! They've planned a relaxed woodland wedding where nature will be the focal point of the decor because they both love trees and the beautiful atmosphere of the woods. (Which is why the state park was totally perfect for their session!) 
Hannah and Connor are old souls, full of love and completely ready to start spending their lives together. Being with them was so refreshing and exciting...every time they looked at each other it was so real. I think young love is too often chalked up to be nothing more than immaturity, infatuation, or impulse. And perhaps it is sometimes. But just watching these two together, I could picture them, 73 and 74, telling their grandchildren about how it all began for them. I could see them still making each other smile and remembering these sweet moments...the days leading up to the rest of their days. :) Ah! I can't wait for this weekend!!