Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bailey Elizabeth : Senior Portraits // paris, tx lifestyle and portrait photographer

It's not everyday you can say you've known someone since you were born. But with this girl...its absolutely a true story. Our mamas were friends while we were both still "in the oven" and then we joined the outside world just 15 days apart. {She's the older one. Which is always how we explained why she is so much taller than me. ;)} Many a day we roamed barefooted and happy, picking blackberries and playing pretend for hours on end. We learned how to be ambidextrous.  We wore matching clothes. Did advanced over the top "we're so smart" school projects. We had so many joint birthday parties. Basically we spent all our wee babe days inseparably together as the best of besties.
I was her Ally and she was my Bee. :) 
Life has taken us down separate paths since she moved away in 5th grade {breaking both of our hearts beyond explanation.} But with all this newfangled social media these days, we've been able to keep up with each other as best as possible. And now that we're all grown up, oh-so-old, and made my day to know that she wanted me to take her senior pictures. What a shweet way to have a reunion!
She's just as awesome and intense and brilliant as always. What's on her agenda? Nothing much...besides the fact that she's going to be attending "Ole Miss" and joining the Navy. Shyeah. I'm seriously so proud of her!
And myyyyy goodness.....the part of the story I don't have to let you in on is that my little BFF from the days of yore grew up to be like sooo crazy gorgeous. 
You can clearly see that for yourself. :)

Baaaaaaileeeeyyyy. I love you so much and can't wait to see all the big grand things you're bound to do in the future. Thank you thank you thank you for giving me the honor of taking your pictures. I had a blast. And you rocked the day, my friend. :) 
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. ooooohhhhmmyyy gerrshhh. she is the beauty of all beauties!!!!!!!!!



  2. WHAT. SHE IS FLAWLESS. Superb job Allix!

  3. Wow, everytime I look at your posts I'm blown away!
    The lighting, the bokeh, the editing.
    It's all so gorgeous. Such a need story here, it reminds me of my best friend that I've known for all of my days. Our parents met when our moms were still pregnant with us too!

  4. DANG girl, these are insanely gorgeous!! I think I might be in love with the ones where she's laying in the field...stunning! :)

  5. Allix! You're incredible. I love all your work. It is such a treat to take a break from school and just sit and pour over your latest posts. I look forward to it all the time. :-)

  6. wow. these pictures... just gorgeous. well done, allix. :D

  7. Woman, you did a RIDICULOUSLY good job!! The ones where you both got down in the tall grass are my favorites :D

  8. These are all fantastic! Awesome work.

  9. OH MY GOSH THESE ARE SO AMAZING. She. Is. Gorgeous.

  10. These are incredible!
    Great inspiration for my senior pictures!


  11. Everything about these is so beautiful - her, your pictures, the setting :) You're so good at photography :)

  12. These rock Allix! I need to pin them ALL to pinterest!

  13. The lighting and coloring of these photos is phenomenal----awesome work, Allix!

  14. DAAAANGGG girl!! these are freaking AMAZING! she's drop dead gorgeous and your photography skills blow me away. :))

  15. Allix, you're so creative at posing! I love seeing new ideas on posing. I love the one with her laying in the field, the one with her behind the wooden door, and the one with her walking on the dirt path. You did a great job.
    Always enjoy your photos!
    Sarah from Kansas :)

  16. Oh my word, these were amazing!! You have something about your photos. They are just so unique and fun and creative, and this was probably my favorite set of yours. I really liked the ones of her out in the country. Those were cute :)


  17. So I stumbled upon your blog about a year ago, and just decided to revisit today. Absolutely stunning photos. She has such a natural and beautiful glow about her and you seem to have a perfect understanding of capturing light. Well done :)

    Of course, you did a splendid job of capturing her beauty...and it's so awesome that you childhood friends still see each other!

  19. how... how... how...
    i don't know. but you did, allix. ;)
    these portraits are literally some of the best i've ever seen. hey you wanna drive up to oklahoma and take mine? i've already graduated so i'll have to think of a good excuse....

  20. Wow, beautiful photos. Great use of the natural light.

    Jillian -


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