Friday, April 5, 2013

Hoboken Coffee Roasters + Guthrie Trekking : an adventure story // guthrie, ok portrait and lifestyle photographer

These are the bits and pieces of rugged lovely adventure that surrounded the pictures I made of Kristen + her boy. The day started with us having a relaxing getting-to-know-each-other-in-person-chat while simultaneously soaking in the eclectic beauty of Hoboken, the way legit coffee shop I've been dying to visit after seeing so many images of its straight up coolness. :) Best part: It was just as neat (or more so) as I had managed to imagine from what I saw online. I love when places live up to their awesome reputation. 
So because I'm one of those "think outside of the box" kinda folks...what did I order at this coffee house? Italian Soda. Never had one. Always wanted one. Ordered one. Bam. 
{Two thumbs waaaay up by the way.}
Rachel, "my best one", got chai...cuz she's just cool like that. 
{Wanna see more of the sweet people behind Hoboken's pizzazz? Check it.}
Another highlight of the day...seeing The Morris Dream Castle in the making. :)

THE tree pillars....another Instagram phenomenon that I had to see in person to fully wrap my mind around. 
After lunch at the Castle we popped in and out of all of Guthrie's adorable little thrift and antique shops finding darling little gems like this and 'gramming like bosses. ;)
{in town pictures from iPhone.}

Later on that evening we had the pleasure of heading out to the Morris's home/farm and meeting the rest of the delightful family Kristen has become a part of. :) {Note to the readers: That's Mercy, the youngest Morris...the whole family I did not photograph...I focused mainly on the goats...she did not marry into a herd of goats I promise.} 

As the sun set we found this magical place to take pictures of each other. {Like the photog nerds that we are.}

I'm sure glad these girls love me. Cause I love theeeeeem back. :) :)

Here's a thank you and shout-out to Mrs. Cindy Morris for hosting us in her home and making some delicious chili to end our long day of trekking. :) And thank you a million times over sweet Kristen....for meeting us, hanging with us, laughing with us, making memories with us, taking pictures of us, and making the day completely splendiferous. :)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. You NO idea how much I want to go to that coffee shop. GAH! It's a photographer paradise with all the original decor! :)
    And you guys are just SO totally ADORABLE I can't even!! :D <3

  2. So awesomely cool! I heart coffee SO much, this made my day! <3

    Can I ask you how you make your photos so rustic and gorgeous looking?? :)

  3. This is the type of town I want to spend happily ever after in some day :)

    Just stunning pictures!

  4. Hello there! I have a bloggy question for you :) How do you get it so that you can place two pictures side by side with your template? Do you just go in and change the code? Thanks!! Great shots!!

  5. SO lucky you got to meet Kristen! Also, these are ALL gorgeous!

  6. all these pictures make me oh-so happy. :) gorgeous job, Allix! Kristin looks like such a sweet, amazing lady (and i know she is, from reading her blog, and seeing into her heart.) and i know both of you dead-drop gorgeous young ladies are extremely talented, and have amazing hearts. :)

    love these, girl!

  7. Your pictures are all so gorgeous - it's amazing how you can take ordinary, every-day things and make them look absolutely amazing :)
    Oh, and you're absolutely gorgeous too :) You seem like you would be so much fun to get to hand out with.

  8. these are all sorts of dreamy awesomeness

  9. Allix, these are wonderful and make my heart so happy. Love them :)

  10. 1) that's as legit of a coffee shop as it gets.
    2) y'all are SO cute.
    3) can't get enough of Kristen's baby bump. AH.

  11. What an awesome adventure with your bestie to meet an awesome person like Kristen...beautiful pictures.

  12. lovely pictures, allix! you guys look so cute all together having yourself some fun. :)

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