Thursday, June 13, 2013

Christopher Blake : Senior Portraits // northeast, tx senior portrait and lifestyle photographer

Ah, Blake. :) The last of my Rivercrest seniors for 2013. But he, unlike the others who I started Kindergarten with, I met for the first time at this session. He came to our school in 6th grade...the year I left it to be homeschooled. How inconvenient right? But no matter...I have seen and heard much of this guy throughout the years because he turned out to be quite a popular fellow once he came to town. The local newspaper was pretty much always full of him. ;) 
And it didn't take me more than a few minutes to see why. He's athletic, he's easy going, he's smart, attractive, and he's going to A&M this fall. do I say this?...he's just a cool cat, he's got it goin' on. He knows what he's doing when it comes to getting his picture taken...or at least it seemed like he did. Whether he knew it or not, he rocked it. Seriously, how often do I get the opportunity to photograph an undiscovered model? Like...he hadn't even realized his true potential until I brought out the truth. He was deemed Best All Around Guy this year and was named the Salutatorian of the Rivercrest Class of 2013.......and on top of all that he was absolutely rad at looking good for my camera...and I think we all see that's the real highest honor here. ;) Just see for yourself what I'm talking about, k? Deal. :)

Look! A sign that says "Fresh N' Hot!" To not get a picture by it would be a shame, no? ;)
Blake, you were so stinkin' easy to work with, sir. Thanks so much for that.
{P.S. If you ever need something to do on the side while you're away at college....modeling. It could be for you for really reals.}
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Wow. These are all so great!

  2. SO good! You always rock the senior guy portraits! :)

  3. um hello hottie. ;) seriously though, these are fab allix!

  4. Da-a-aang these are really good.

  5. You've got some really great and awesome shots there, Allix...they capture his personality so well! :)

  6. Josh Hutch double? ;) such a great job, like always, girl! what lens are you using for your bokeh? It's loveeeely! (can't tell if it's a telephoto or just super shallow dof...hah!)


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