Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jalie & Destin: portraits // paris, tx child portrait photographer

"I'm afraid to grow up because
it seems like things
will never feel
this beautiful

This is Jalie and Destin. They joined me in the grand adventure of traipsing through fields, chasing grasshoppers, climbing a huge pecan tree that had fallen in a storm a few days before; {let it be known that while they climbed, I attempted to step on a low limb and I fell. Me standing, and me laying on ground. Bam. Three second transition. My camera flew out of my hand landing some 2 feet or so away from me. The world grew silent, all I heard was the thud it made when it hit the ground and the faint crackling of all my bones that could've broken. I also heard my mother yell, "Is your camera okay?!?!" I have now become second to the evidence of my pricey investment in the Canon company. Yes. My camera is okay. And, I am too for anyone who wondered. ;)}
Best of all we basked together in delectable warm glowy unbelievably golden sunlight. They brought their cuteness, I brought aforementioned precious camera, and together we made some beautiful images that make my heart go pitter patter. :) :) 
Mr. Serious. ;)
Miss Jalie is a true beauty. :)
Jalie wanted pictures in her masquerade costume. Isn't it neat? :D P.S. I typed that without any spell check assistance. Can I get a high five, somebody?! 
He's a country boy. hehe ;)
~Through Christ's Love 

A bit of work on the vlog will probably start today. I have lots and lots of portraits to share. My grandmother has been in the hospital and is still dealing with some side effects. I work once a week. I, like, seriously need to write in my journal and read a book at some free moment {maybe that 25th hour that we don't have in our day, huh?} And today is my first day of senior year. {Deep breath.} Goal number one: Don't get overwhlemed. ;) Lord willing, It will all play out soon, but I'm taking it one step at a time. SO, thank you all for being awesome, and following this crazy adventure that is my life. :) I like y'all alot and appreciate your sweetness. You seriously deserve a cookie or something. :D


  1. These are adorable and magical. I think that you really captured childhood with this series.

  2. #1: these pictures are so beautiful + so well captured, girl. Love life through your lens. and that shadow pic is espesh adorbs.
    #2: lol that your camera is more important than you..haha.
    #3: I want that little girl's dress.
    #4: yay for the vlog!
    #5: I totally need to write in my jornal sometime and read a book too..let me know when that 25th hour shows up :P and woohoo for your senior year! that is so awesome! if I lived in TX I would totally take you out on a cookie date today.
    p.s. I like you and think you & Rachel should have an Iowa road trip. :P

  3. Allix, these pictures are so sweet and beautiful. You are definitely one of my favorite photographers. :) Destin's chubby little serious face is too much. So so cute. And Jalie is beautiful.
    I'm starting my senior year today too. And trying not to be stressed but to just do my best. I'll pray for you!



  4. Love these! Especially the ones of the lovely girl; I like her face :)

  5. They are so darling, Allix! Great job.

  6. So So So adorable!!!! Good going with the sun flare and everything! I'm pretty new to photography myself but enjoy it and am trying to learn as much as i can. Thanks for your example! :)

  7. Oh my word Allix, these were just stunning. Seriously though, everytime I look at your pictures I want to be there with you. These were just amazing, wonderful, and beautiful. You definitely did an amazing job at capturing a single moments beauty.
    And Destin... Can someone say ADORABLE?!? He reminds me of my little cousin Jacob :)
    I loved #17, 21, 22, 29, the one of the path leading to the dock with the tree, and my favs were the ones of Destin in the cowboy outfits. No those ones are keepers :D


  8. That girl is sooo gorgeous, and lovely. :)


  9. so beautifully captured allix!!! the girl is SO pretty...may i ask how old she is?
    and the little boy? he's too adorable. for words.

  10. He is adorable, she is gorgeous, and your pictures are marvelous. Seriously, really beautiful work...I'm so happy I stopped by. :) And I can totally see your camera story happening to my mom and me. ;)

  11. Allix,
    Beautiful pictures! So beautiful I had to tell you! Great job! Hope you learn a lot during your senior year. God is faithful, changing never! ~Kari

  12. High five girl! And you definitely deserve it, these are beautiful pictures! So glad to hear your camera survived too. :)


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