Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Florida Story : Part Two : personal // destin, florida portrait and lifestyle photographer

It has been nearly three weeks since I met you for the first time. 
Seventeen days have past since I told you goodbye. You mimic the very waves that crash upon your shores. You rushed over me, swirling me around, made my heart race; you went so fast I could hardly savor the moment as you pulled back quietly into the ocean of beautiful experiences. And I was left staring behind me, hoping against hope that you weren't over. But you were. Now I make myself feel better by looking back at the pictures.
But nothing will be the same as how it felt to stand there.
Feeling Florida sun rays paint me in golden hues of light.

Standing on the shore, waiting for the water to cover my feet, and then when it would recede back...

it took sand with it and I would sink slightly. It was one of the smallest joys, but something about it was exhilarating. :)

Ooooh, my heart aches trying to relive in my mind what it was like to step out on the balcony and THIS. {Those bitty persons are my parents. :)}

I would stand out there and literally turn around and around in circles, snapping pictures from every direction. There was beauty ever where I looked.

Mornings were majestic and colorful, but the crisp brightness of midday was a happy sight as well. :)

Our seagreen home away from home I told you about. Second floor was ours...the one that looks the most lively with all those towels and swim clothes hung out to dry. ;)

And when we would go into town, there was still sights to see. 

Day and night. :)

At nights, the balcony had a different breath-taking view to experience. To the left there was Panama City shining brightly like a beacon in the darkness. 

The stars were as innumerable as they can possible be. And the ocean had an added mysterious element in the dark. You could barely see it, but it was as loud and vast as ever. 

Then morning came back to charm us. :) If I were anymore melodramatic, I would've fainted from excitement and wonder overload.

Just after the sunrose that day, thunderclouds came out to play.

This man didn't really correctly estimate the arrival of rain. He set out on a walk across the whole beach, stopping once for quite a while to look at the hole we had dug. Needless to say the next time we saw him, he was running for his life to get out of the rain.

While I just sat and enjoyed it as it fell. :)

So you see, my new friend whom I love so dearly, I long to see you again. Pictures will never do you justice. Bits and pieces of your skies, your colors, your light, your ocean, your birds, your fish, all your sights, and smells, and sounds are tucked away in my memory like scraps of inspiration pasted into a notebook. You overwhelmed me with your splendor and I was made more fully aware everyday that no one but my Savior and Creator could've crafted something as truly awesome as you. 

~Through Christ's Love 

P.S. To all who didn't catch the link in the last post, you should check out the video I made for our trip. Its fun. :)
P.P.S. Speaking of a video! Vlog Reminder. :) You still have a few more days {until the end of August} to send in questions for me if you want them included. :)


  1. Looove these photos Allix!! I live in GA, so the next time you go to Florida, maybe we could meet up ;) Hmmmm, vlog questions? I was wondering what editing prgram you use, andddddd what is your future plans? :))))

  2. Holy gorgeousness much! Oceans + thunderstorms = love.

  3. Allix...these are so beautiful! I'm seriously in love with pretty much every image. :)
    The beach looks like so much fun. :)

  4. You captured Florida's beauty so well. I wish to go!

  5. so awesome! your making me miss Florida more and more. ;P

  6. Amazing post Allix :) Every thing about this post, and the last screamed beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, and just plain passionate.
    The night sky, the thunderstorm, the town, it was all so beautiful.
    I am so happy that you had an amazing time there, as it is always somewhere I have wanted to go. Thank you so much for taking pictures, and sharing them with us. It kinda makes me want to be there right now ;)


  7. This post I simply breathtaking, Allix!! Your pictures are beyond wonderful. I love the pictures of the sky in the morning and at night, and there was something so enchanting about the dark ocean at night. Loved this post. A lot.




  9. stop making me want to go to Florida, girl. awesome shots.

  10. Great blog and Pic's! :) I enjoyed stopping in!

    Sarah, sarahslittlerandomthoughts.blogspot

  11. Oh my goodness. Those are just utterly amazing! I can't even pick a favorite one. They're all superb. :)


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