Monday, August 6, 2012

Rainbow in the Rain : atlas' first birthday party // paris, tx child portrait and lifestyle photographer

Stay tuned for something super fun at the very end. 
"The best thing one can do
when its raining is to 
let it rain."
|| Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ||

Yes, it's true. There was more of Miss Atlas to share with y'all! :D
These in this series are the ones I snapped a few days before the party that they used for her invitations. 
I have to admit, her patience with me didn't last very long. She was done.
And popscicles are better than cousins putting big bulky cameras right in your face, am I right? 
Yes. I am.
Now, onto the actual party.
It would happen that a rainbow themed birthday party would be accompanied by a Texas size rainstorm. But nothing, not even the gully washer we got, could wash away the sweetness, happiness, and just pure fun of this day. It was an occasion full of preciousness to match that of the birthday girl herself. 
These are some of my favorite captures from it all. :)
See that ginormous painting? Yeah. Mary painted that in 4 hours. Be amazed. 
Here's Ellie. The one I want to take home in my pocket. :)
The fascination babies have with their cakes will never cease to make me smile. :) :)
That didn't take long. ;)
Talk about a legit cake. :D
And right about here is when we thought we were either going to end up needing an ark or the house would be blown away to the land of Oz. It was rather crazy there for a bit. Needless to say the party headed inside. :)
When the rain finally died down, the outside festivities were resumed. :)
Oh Lucas. I had a major crush on his outfit. And something about the dark cloudy atmosphere, the moodiness, the bitty converse, the pop of orange...ah!! These are some of my favorite candid images I've ever made. Overwhelming little boy still my heart.
Swim at the end of a lightening storm...of cooourse. This is Texas. We do wild stuff like that. ;)

Luke-Man and my dad were sporting the gray Chucks. :) Love it. :D

Sometimes its the rainy days that result in the most beautiful sunsets. :)

So, if you survived this already lengthy post aaaall the way to the bottom here, I have a surprise to share with you so hold tight for a few minutes more!! Number one, I'll be in Florida this week!! Cue fanfare and overly excited screams. Confession: It'll be my first beach trip ever. Shocked?! I knoooow. Really not sure how I even lived this long without dying of some kind of life threatening ocean/white sand deficiency. Anyways, technically that's not the surprise, I just wanted to get y'all pumped about it and prepared for lots of pictures to come I'm sure. :D
Here's the real surprise. And the coolest part is it won't be huge and awesome and wonderful if YOU don't participate. I neeeed you, people. :) 
I'm going to do a Vlog. 
Did I just type that outloud?
After all these "random facts about me" kind of posts have been blowing around the blogosphere I've really been wanting to do something similar. But I have this thing about hearing online friends' voices for the first time. I immediately feel closer to them and I can imagine them talking when I read their blogposts. Yes, I know...I'm weird. But I was hoping some of you would be a little weird too and appreciate hearing me answer questions about myself in my Texas drawl. {Don't all of you raise your hands at once...} Of course, the whole idea makes me a bit nervous. Like the great philosopher, Winnie the Pooh, once said, "When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.” 
But I must get over my jitters sometime and I decided if not now, when? ;)
This is where you come in. I need YOU to send in questions you want me to answer. Anything; photography based or not. From what equipment I use, what inspires me most, to whether I eat the inside or outside of an oreo first. Doesn't really matter. Anything that you are curious about me, ask it and I'll probably be more than glad to answer it in my video!
So be using that beautiful mind of yours and think think think me up some gooood questions. Feel free to share the news...the more the merrier I say. :) 
I'll be taking questions from now until the end of August, and any questions after that I'll be sure to keep for later...maybe a FAQ starter kit? ;)
Send all questions to: allixbphotography @ gmail (dot) com
Or you can post your question on Twitter @AllixBrunson with the hashtag #allixbvlog
I honestly can't wait. Maybe you're excited too, yes? :D
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. ohmygosh. this is honestly the cutest ever. the colors in the first few are so adorable! okay, I'll stop gushing... and a VLOG!?!?! yay! I'll send my questions in asap

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  3. Cutest thing ever! That birthday party was colorful. And I'm so excited about your vlog! :-) Totally just commented my question,instead of reading FULLY what you needed me to do. Duh. I will send it to you soon!

  4. These are AMAZING! Wow. The colors are incredible. I love these! Good job Allix!

  5. Hey Allix, I have a question... I would just love to know how you make your sessions FUN and an enjoyable experience for your clients?

  6. stooop making me miss texas! gah, awesome job documenting her party, girl. ;)

  7. ohmygodthispost. ohmywordyourphotography. ohmywordthatpainting. ohmywordyourphotography. ohmywordthecolors. ohmywordatlasisadorable. YOURPHOTOGRAPHY.
    done ;) and i'll be sure to send you questions asap!

  8. that looks like the best birthday party EVER! rainbow! *sigh* i almost never look at every single picture in a super long post. i looked at every one of those for at least 5 minutes. she is so adorable!! amazing pics!!!!

  9. VLOG VLOG VLOG!! yay. now the rest of the world can see you in real time, like I got to. =) yaaaayy.

    okay the question I DON'T need to ask is who is your celebrity crush, bwwwaaahhhaa. =) How about this... what's your favvvvve artist? like, music, I mean.


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