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One Day Summer Adventuring with Jessica Shae and the Interns of 2012 // grapevine, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

In February, Rachel Leigh and I were chilling in the bedroom of Jessica Shae, catching up with one another, reminiscing about all the lovely memories we had made one year ago during our internship, and laughing a good deal as, according to tradition, we peppered our conversation with Nacho Libre quotes. We talked a bit about her re-branding project that was just taking shape back then and the question came up about what her internships would look like in 2012 if she had any. A sly smile crept across her face, she put her hands on her knees, and leaned forward slightly. Naturally we leaned in, returned her smile with goofy grins of our own because thats what you do when, judging by the obvious context clues, you're about to get the low-down on what's up. ;)

She told us of the crazy plan that she had formulating that she reeeeally hoped would work out. Read "crazy" as "crazy awesome." The first thought that popped into our heads was, "CAN WE COME, CAN WE COME?!?!" ;) One internship. More girls. The Gaylord Texan. Hannah Nicole to help design blogs. Just some of the keywords that made us smile like idiots and want to be interns all over again. Maybe she'll want us to come give an alumni speech or something. Surely she'll want the seasoned wisdom of those interns that have gone on before to be shared with the new generations of Jessica Shae prodigy. Those were the helpful thoughts that were coming to mind as we smiled and nodded to all the lovelier and lovelier details she was suggesting be a part of this adventure she was dreaming up.

Months past. Plans solidified. Then one day, there in my reading list was the blogpost telling the world of Jessica's Shae's Summer Adventure Internship to come. Once again, I was thisclose to sending in an application. Am I melodramatic or what?! ;) But it wasn't long before we heard from Jessica and she did indeed want to have one of the days be a meet and greet between her current and past interns. Technically it was also supposed to be a time of reunion for all the past interns that could attend to see Jessica again, see their past fellow interns, and meet other past interns. But as it turns out, saaaaaadly Rachel and I were the only past interns that were able to come. {And just for the record we're best friends so the reunion part of things wasn't really that applicable. Unless you want to refer to our reuniting with Jessica which was a very happy part of the whole grand thing. :)}  

SO! Now we have come to the day itself. The Day that Rachel and I had literally been counting down. It was kinda a huge deal for us. ;) My mom kindly drove our excited little selves to Grapevine and we headed to the first place on our list: Olive Garden...after getting lost only once for a moment or two. We sat in the waiting area by the front door trying to act completely chill even though we both knew that inside the butterflies were going crazy. I'm sure we looked ridiculous to everyone that walked in the door because, from our angle, we couldn't see who was coming in. And we were preparing ourselves for the arrival of The Girls we were looking for. So we stared at everyone with the same ecstatic haze and wide-eyed hopefulness and then quickly darted our eyes away suddenly when we realized they were not who we were looking for. Thankfully we had the gumption about us to not rush at every helpless civilian and hug them til their back popped, because when The Girls finally walked through those doors, that's exactly what we did. We pounced with the force and accuracy that can only be compared to that of a jaguar. ;)
Lunch went well. The bread sticks were warm, luscious, and delectable and the talk around the table was simple and sweet with a touch of shyness and shock. The same idiotic smile that we had when we were told about the possibility of this whole thing found its way back on our faces and multiplied itself by a million. We really couldn't get over the fact that we were finally meeting these awesome girlies in the flesh. :)
After our bellies were full we headed to the second stop on our route. The Gaylord Texan. Oh, don't even get me started on the amazingness of that place...its so vast that it literally makes you dizzy to look at the inside of it!! But other than that, it really is breathtakingly beautiful. :)
It was time for all the darling little dears to get their bio shots done by Jessica...and because parking lots are where so much magic happens, we started there. :)
And, as the photographers we are, when Jessica was done with someone, we developed our paparazzi skills. ;)
Lauren, did you not just feel fabulous? haha You are absolutely gorgeous so I don't blame them. ;) 
The rush of shutter sounds were singing together in harmony as one beautiful girl after another showed not only their strength behind the camera, but in front of it as well. I know Rachel mentioned it, but its worth saying again...all of their style AND hair was fantastic. FAN-TAS-TIC. Just wow.
Chelsea's turn for her official JS shoot. ;)
And now Hannah's. :)
Go Jessica...rock that scrunched up photog face. ;)
I really like this shot...parking lots are super awesome to shoot in! :D
Oh, hi friend. :)
Madeline and Madison, as I said, working both sides smashingly. :)
Chelsea's hair. Come now. Too incredible for words.
Olivia and Hannah S. doing the same. :D
Julianna and Anna too. :)
It was so adorable watching them do just what we had done last year.....the fire in their eyes as they snapped as many pictures as they could, and beaming from ear to ear when they got "a great one", trying to hold onto the moment and growing so rapidly in their work I'm sure they couldn't even fathom it. I literally felt like an old woman watching these young ladies follow in the same footsteps that Jessica started me on so long ago.....ok, so its just been a year and a half....whose counting. ;) I felt very matronly, mmmmk?! haha
It was so cool to see how these girls had become so close in just a few days. That's exactly how it was with our three days we went from being quiet acquaintances politely asking about each other's lives to shooting each other looks, randomly bursting into song, quoting BBC movies, and joking back and forth until our sides ached from laughing hysterically. {Man!! I'm still so sad we didn't get to see you guys, Hannah & Carissa...miss you!} Something about the whole experience of learning and growing together in this art form that we all love so much bonds you together like super super glue before you even realize it. :)
Did I mention that even I got a turn? As all the other girls headed down to the grassy knoll to finish up their bio shots, Hannah and Madeline kept me behind to get some shots of me. {Eeeep!} That was super fun even though I got the jitters because, just between you and me, as mediocre as I feel behind the camera sometimes, I feel ten times worse about being in front of it. But hey, no nerves could keep me from feeling honored to have these precious ladies photograph me. :D
They really are adorable. :D
In the elevator headed to join the others. ;)
When we got down there, I did a quick shoot of Hannah. I love this girl, y'all. :D
At least...I think I do. ;)
Rachel does too. :D
I was also excited to get these of the gorgeously adorable Olivia. :) And no Jessica, you are not the only one jealous of her natural tan. ;)
She's a sweetheart, for sure. :D
Jessica flashing that new bling of hers. I have to say that I am so excited that The Boy is finally The  Fiancé. ;)
Rushing back to the cars, heads full of fro-yo dreams. :)
Which quickly came true. :D The day just kept getting more and more wonderful. We honestly didn't want it to ever end...and Jessica graciously let us come back and hang out in the hotel until they had to leave for their shoot that night. If I could, I would have piled them all into our car and taken them all home!! Just soooo much to love about every single one of them!
And now the iconic picture that you've all memorized by now, I'm sure. ;) This group shot will forever be dear to me...because it will help keep a bit of that summer adventure alive for the rest of our lives. :) Love you and miss you all sooooo much and CAN'T WAIT to see you again. Reunion?? Yes please. :) :)
Go check out ALL their blogs. Leave 'em some love and maybe, as you look around, you'll catch a glimpse of why they were so awesome to meet in person. :D
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. :) :) :) awwww man! I can't believe it's already been ALMOST a MONTH.

  2. Oh Hannah...don't even say that! :) Love this brought all the memories back again! I love your photos! (And...I'll even forgive you for calling me adorable. ;);))

  3. yeah i agree totally with Olivia, we're not calculating how long it has been SINCE the adventure...lets think about how it was within the last few weeks, mmk? :P Allix, loved LOVED reading this post, girl! meeting you & Rachel was aweeesomesauce, so, SO fun to have you guys there.

  4. I have loved seeing everyones different blog posts on our amazing summer adventure!! :) I think its about time I finished my post too ;) lol thanks for capturing all those neat behind the scenes/in action shots Allix! You are so sweet and full of kindness and all around awesomeness! I'm so glad we got to meet! :)

  5. Aww i love this Allix! And all the photos! It was so fun meeting you :)

  6. Loved reading this, Allix! I've read Some of the girls blog posts about the Summer Adventure and it looked like sooooo much fun. This post is a fave of mine. Love the way you write. You have a great style that is really engaging and fun to read.


  7. I MISS YOU SO MUCH TOO!!! I sooooo wish we could have seen ya'll!!!


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