Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Hunting Trip :) {northeast, tx lifestyle photographer - personal}

It's my home...has been since my birth. (And perhaps it always will be ;) )
Now, all you non-Texans may have preconceived notions about us "natives." Well, let me tell you some inside secrets. We don't just sit around tending to cows in our cowboy boots, adjusting our cowboy hats and saying Howdy and Yee-hah all day. Seriously, we don't...are you shocked?? I thought you would be. We have drawls...yes...but not as bad as you may think. ;) And we have many other past times besides riding horses and herding cattle. We love the great outdoors, we love to cook good southern comfort meals, we love to make things handmade, we love to love and be loved, and oh yeah...we like to hunt. :)
Now all you animal activists whose heart just skipped a beat...I apologize. But we clearly barbaric, uncivilized Texans can't help but enjoy tracking down "helpless" critters, shootin' at 'em, and eating it for supper. ;) I kid, I's not all that bad. (Wild deer is some of the best organic meat there is, ya know.) 
But really, what can you expect?? I come from a town where a local church is holding a "Kill it and Grill it" get-together. Yeeaaahhh....that important event made it on the cover of our town's newspaper. No. lie.

So, all that to say that when last weekend rolled around we found that we had nothing better to do than to go to a friend's cabin and hunt some good ole' white tailed deer. :) (Well, my dad did all the hunting. This chick is still too sick to do much of anything. :P)

Andy Warhol self portrait collage...I'm just cool like that.... ;D
I was so happy to see that some flowers were out, draping the land with a carpet of yellow loveliness. These are baby daffodils that I think are called jonquils. 
As you can see, I was not alone. :) These are the feet of Rachel Leigh and I. I had just taken pictures of her in her new bracelet that I made her. :)
That night we had another traditional set of Texas favorites...BBQ and a campfire :)
The next morning when we woke up....there was great beauty to behold :D The land looks SO awesome in the foggy morning!
Sweet little Hannah Mercy whose family owns the cabin and land. You might remember the post I did about her big sister, Susanna who is a photographer as well. 

Here's my Daddy-o about to go hunt. 
When I don't shoot anything I realize why its called "hunting" and not "killing." -Daddy ;)
Okay, now I know all of you are hating me and thinking that I killed this poor helpless bird because of my Texas blood. I'm not that cruel people!! ;) No, this little guy hit the glass door (hard I might add) and he was in a stunned state for a little while. I just happened to use that stunned state as a chance to take pictures of him.  (His mind eventually cleared however and he flew away. :) )
I told you this chick was still sick :P Thankfully, the cabin is a grrrreat place to relax! :D
I'm glad Spring is finally coming, but winter weeds are mighty fun to photograph ;)
Oh ye-uh!! My "hunting" father did turn out to be a "killing" father (in a good way ;) ) in the end. Literally right.before. we left, he saw this large doe and got a perfect clear shot. :) Whoop Whoop! It's the second doe he's ever shot, and (ahem, as you see in the picture to the right) the first one he's ever field-dressed by himself! I photographed the whole process but I promise I'm going to spare you the gory results. :)
It was quite gruesome to watch...
But none-the-less, I endured the whole I guess that means that "I'm a big kid now." ;D

Btw...yesterday was the 175th anniversary of the first Texas Independence Day :D Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Trying with all my might to get better!!
-Through Christ's Love ♥


  1. "Kill it and grill it.." just made my day. The pictures with the dew + mist + early sunlight was gorgeous! Like..drop dead stunning.

  2. The pictures of the cardinal are awesome! Love the depth of field and your creative use of the bird's stunned state! ;-)

  3. Thank you for the comment on my blog.:))

    All of your photos are wonderful!

    I love the photos of the deer in the tree! Now I really want a plate of fried deer meat and tators!!:)) It IS the best.

  4. Thoses are some pretty amazing pictures Allix!:)

  5. HA! You are hilarious...and your pictures are GORGEOUS! :)

    -Abby :)

  6. Loved the post Allix. Very true on everything about us Texans.... :D


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