Monday, March 7, 2011

What's the Difference... {northeast, tx pet photographer}

Between a striped cat bachelor and two basset hound spinsters?

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.  ~George Eliot
I have always  been a lover of animals...of any shape or size. Like most little girls, when someone used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up, a veterinarian was high on the list...along with a doctor, chef, ballerina, actor, singer, artist, athlete, writer, princess,

I would like you all to meet three of my pets:

 The five-year-old basset hound that we rescued. Her owners were literally going to let her starve. When we first got her she was so thin, we could wrap our fingers around her back, right in front of her hind legs, and we could touch our thumb and pointer finger together! It was soooo sad! She had also been hit by a car and her hip was broken. Long gone are those days . :) She is now officially "hefty" and I  believe she could easily keep up with the fastest greyhound. ;)

Then there's Daisy.
My pink-bellied, dainty little princess. ;) We think that she's 9 years old or so. We found her roaming the streets when she was really young. The vet said she was probably about one. She will love you the minute she sees you and will immediately try to be your best friend. She always sits down when she exception. And when you feed her scraps (of any size) she will carry it to her bowl, set it inside, and eat it slowly and gracefully...while sitting down. :)

Last (but certainly not least): Murphy.
You met him a bit informally the other day...but informality will simply not do when it comes to the Murph-man. ;) He is an honored war veteran as you can see by the condition of his right eye. He lost the ability to open it completely in the battle of "Death on Brooks Drive" in "The Neighborhood Feline Aggression War."
It was very tragic. But his spirit is still that of twenty two-eyed cats twice his size. ;)

So the differences...well, just to name a few:

The dogs are willing to show love to everyone!
Murphy is a lot more reserved when it comes to PDAs. ;)

Layla and Daisy have these deep, rich, almost copperish but also kinda chocolaty brown eyes. :)

Murphy's are minty green. :)

Layla has big lion paws that look pretty funny at the end of her little legs. ;)

Murphy's paws are little, claws usually retracted, with soft delicate padding underneath. ;)

Daisy is shy when it comes to the camera....

Murphy is a bold little fella. :D

The dogs are alert at any moment, protecting the house against evil doers. (Most of the time...;) )

Murphy is normally asleep on the job.

I'm sure you've noticed that Daisy and Layla's ears are on the longish side of things. ;) A characteristic of being a basset hound of course.
Murphy has pointy triangle ears with tufts of black fur on top.

Murphy gives himself the hourly cat-bath...Layla and Daisy beg for us to spare them from a bath.

So, as you can see....they have their differences...but,
I love 'em all....
My beautiful puppy girls :)

And my dashing little Murph-man. :)

-Through Christ's Love ♥


  1. Oh they are just adorable! Mind if I steal them?

  2. Hey, Allix!! I decided to reply to your question over here, instead.... =) My family and I live in the northeast corner of Washington. It's an area that's usually overlooked, and it's veerrrrry unlike the West coast of Washington. =) We don't get nearly as much rain in the summer, and we get a looottt more snow in the winter! And we have some lovely mountains... and trees....

    And I'm reeeallly excited to be able to come see your Texas!! I've never been to Texas, though I have been to... um - I think nearly 40 of the other states! So I can't wait to add Texas to my list. =)



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