Thursday, January 3, 2013

it snowed last year in Texas so we played in it and made snow icecream plus also happy new year, friends // northeast, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

Christmas day began dark and rainy. Clearly I wasn't expecting a White Christmas. Texas isn't known for our abundance of snow don'tcha know. {How'd y'all like that shoutout to my northern friendlies? :)} But nevertheless, midday on the 25th proved to be quite blizzardous. So Bing Crosby's dream came true after all. :)
The next day, I went outside to examine our new little winter wonderland. :)
After this I got a phone call from my cousin Mitchell asking if I might want to go play in the snow down at my uncle's land with his little girls who I claim as partly mine, Maglite and Banana plus also Charlie the Bestest of Beagle Puppies {whose precious self I kept for a month before they received him as a Christmas gift.} Psssshhhh...would I want to?? The answer to such a question was needless to say... 
Suuuuure. :)
Oh Maggie, with your owl hat and missing teeth...
Oh Anna, with your squinty grin and perfectly drawn pink eyebrows made possible by your brand new make-up kit...
Oh Charlie, with your smallness and irresistible puppy charms...I, I love, I love you all. :)
My heart beats faster at the sight of such a shadow as his.
Actually everything about him tends to do that....
Chaw-laaaaay! :) :) Pardon me, I am quite enraptured....
This laugh...
Followed by this laugh. I was painfully cold but there was too much pure adorableness surrounding me to dwell on my numb fingers and toes. My heart was warm. :)
Not to mention it was gorgeous out there. :)
Goodness, goodness, goodness.....
Hey you. :)
"Is this my good side?"
No need to be self-conscience, you don't have a cute side, Charlie Barley Puddin' and are the essence of cute all over.
Which is why none of my blog readers will get tired of seeing you or leave this post even if it is entirely too long and redundantly cutefull. They wouldn't ever. ;)
Cosmetology she comes....

As the giggles started getting mingled with tears because the cold was so piercing, we headed to Mam-maw's house to warm up...
and perhaps to also make snow ice-cream. ;)

Let it be known that I had wintry nails. :) { Side story: My mom got all my Christmas presents with me there as she shopped. :) She got me just what she wanted to...which is what I asked for. ;) Gold fingernail polish, gold eyeshadow, and gold eyeliner. Dripping, dripping maybe? ;) }

Anna guarded the canned milk so that it would be safe and sound for the ice-cream. ;)

Maggie was busy humming and soaking in sunlight. :)

Have you ever made snow ice-cream? You should. It's easy. And scrumptious. And it may or may not be safe for consumption. Which is the perfect set-up if you ask me.

You take your ginourmous bowl of snow that you gathered carefully off the top of the things outside, making sure to skim and not dig...that way you avoid any dirt or foreign "we probably shouldn't eat that" objects getting mingled in with your snow.

If you have too much in the bowl and it is impossible to stir it all at once, separate into smaller bowls according to convenience.

Next you'll need to add your canned milk.

Pause to check and make sure your puppy is not doing something suspicious.

Then get back to pouring.

Now to the sugar...which you will sprinkle carefully around so it gets properly distributed. How much sugar? I advise you to keep adding sugar until you're totally pleased with your ice-cream and its amount of sweetness. This will be more or less depending on how related you are to Buddy the Elf. :)

Vanilla time. :)

Best leave this to Mam-maws because they are professionals when it comes to precise magic such as vanilla adding.

Last step? Stir stir stir until it turns into ice-cream before your very eyes.

Actually the last step is eating it. Whoops. No pictures of that. :) I can't stuff my face AND hold a camera at the same time, yo! What do you think I am...Superwoman?! That's right...I'm not. I'm Spiderwoman...duuuuh.

Happy 2013, friends. It's gonna be good. I can feeeel it. ;)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. I love these! Great shots, great editing! You should definitely print some of these and frame them for yourself. Beautiful work!

  2. SO beautiful Allix! Lovelove.


  3. Wow. It's absolutely beautiful :) I'm so happy for y'all that you got a white Christmas! I'm a south Texas girl, so I hardly even know what snow looks like :)
    Love it!
    -mal :)

  4. Mhmmmm. Love this, my Texas friend. Y'all are cute. And you need to come to Minnesoooota, so you can experience blizzards and winter so cold it'll freeze your face off and schtuff. And so you can visit me or something...:D I LOVE that shot of the two of them looking at each other over the snow cream. Beautiful documentation of the day! LOVE you! :)

  5. So pretty! Isn't snow so beautiful? We're not known for getting much snow here, but I keep hoping for it. :)

  6. this is so lovely and so beautiful!! Allix B. you are so amazing at telling stories!!! I love every thing about this post!!!

    P.S. Your puppy is so cute!!

  7. I love all of these photos! So cuteee

  8. oh i adore these! i live in the north. for some reason though we had hardly any snow. bummer. looks like ya'll had a great day! xx | natalia

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  10. This whole post is pure gorgeousness. And that puppy is just too cute for words...I kind of want to steal him. ;) Great photos!

  11. snow ice-cream happens to be one of my favorite things about winter. after Christmas of course. :)
    lovely pictures. the one of the road and snow covered trees is especially epic. happy new year!

  12. This... is incredible. :) Love every bit of it!

    And now I'm really eager to try some snow ice-cream. :9 Thanks for posting this!

  13. Oh I LOVE these! How beautiful. And adorable, with the kids and puppy...gah.

  14. Positively lovely! and yeesss, Charlie is a-dor-a-ble!!!

  15. somebody thinks these pictures are completely awesome. and that somebody would be me.
    somebody also think you are all kinds of silly and sweet. aaand yeah. that would be me.
    plus, here's what else I think. I think that you are incredibly talented with creating photographs, and I think that snow ice cream is some good stuff. keep up the awesomeness, okay?

  16. goodness gracious Allix these are beauuuuuutiful! your words make me smile and I can just picture your happy times through these images. so much LOVE!

  17. much winter fabulousness! =) Your photography is so amazing + authentic. The end. =)

  18. "Eating snow is the bestest ever."

  19. Aw! Cute photos!! Do you use Lightroom?

  20. Can I just say i am IN LOVE with your photography? Just unbelievably beautiful!!

  21. beautiful! love that you got to have some snow down there in texas! :) also, i want that puppy. he is the cutest!

  22. oh allix, I will forever be in love with your simple and beautiful way of document life along with all its little details. these are beautiful and funny and real :)

  23. These photos are so lovely. And i want that puppy. :) too cute.


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