Monday, December 17, 2012

The Musick Family // blossom, tx family portrait and lifestyle photographer

Michael is my dad's brother...and yes he is the type of uncle that teases me. ;) My heart is heavily invested in these children. Luke-man and Maddy-Shmatty I call them. Their eyes, his crazy blue and hers crazy goldish brown, are some of my favorites. :) This family is my family. And I was more than glad to capture them in all their cuteness on this lovely evening in November as the sun slowly set.

Just for the record, her real name is Madeline Rain. :) She is just so sweetly gorgeous...always has been. :D

Those eyelashes...I mean...really? :)

And this is Lucas "Why, yes, I do know I'm handsome" Ray. ;)

Maddy: Let's prance around like beautiful ladies.
Lucas: I have a better plan.

Let's be airplanes. When you can't be yourself, always be an airplane.

Bitty Chucks. :) *clap clap* 

Maddy gets much of her loveliness from her pretty Mama, Joanna. :)

I apparently looked so adorable taking their picture that Lucas felt compelled to throw in some improv and blow me a kiss. I do what I can... ;)

You will now witness Maddy's attempts to run away. :)

And if one runs, why not everyone follow suit? :)

Well, hey now! ;)

Maddy the Escapee Part Two

Lucas found that he fit here perfectly. :)

It amused him :)

Until, of course, it didn't. :(

Ah, back where things are safe and sound and not so far from the face of the earth. :)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. aw, this is such a cute family! Love how you captured them. :)

  2. SOSO cute. I love the shots of the kiddos together!

  3. Wonderful beautiful photos!!! :)

  4. These are fabulous. My favorite is when the kids are in front of the tree and their parents are peeking out behind it. I love the way you write these posts and tell the story of the photo shoot. Those kids are adorable!



  5. ohhhh gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!!!! I absolutely love these! all of your pictures are incredible. :)

  6. I enjoy your narratives:) beautiful job allix!

  7. what lovely colors! and that little girl is gorg! and her name is adorable :)

  8. Beautiful moments caught on camera, Allix :) Love it!

  9. These are great Alix! I feel like the background grass is more than just depth of field though. I feel like there is some sort of texture put on it. Are you doing something with it in photoshop? I really like the effect. Please share!

  10. Love, love, love these so much :)

  11. these pictures are soo beautiful! I'm in love with the little girl's outfit! :)

  12. sooo fab. :) love how crisp and colorful these are. they make me happy! such a sweet family! :)

  13. I love your editing on these! The B+Ws are gorgeous!


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