Monday, December 10, 2012

Pirtle Kids : december portraits // sulphur springs, tx children portrait and lifestyle photographer

The Saturday before last, I got all hyped and ready to do a sweet little shoot of three cute siblings that I photographed this summer with their Mama and Daddy. I jumped into the car with starry eyes and high hopes for the day. After driving an hour to arrive at the chosen location I got out of the car and smiled at the children who looked lovely and excited to work with me. Then a strange feeling hit me. I wasn't holding anything. I had obviously left my camera in the car. I walked back to the car.  But upon further review there was, in fact, no camera in the car. I had left it. At home. Where it could be of no use to me, hour away. With happy, smiling, littles who were ready to rock the afternoon. To say I felt like face palming would be an understatement. I sheepishly apologized to Tanna, {the sweet Mama} and she laughed it off. "I'm such a dork." I said. "Yeah, you are." She wisely replied. I got back in the car with my ego crushed into a million tiny pieces. I was somewhere between laughing and crying hysterically as I updated my status to let the world know how truly mentally impaired I apparently am.

Just drove an hour to go take someone's pictures and upon arrival I realized I had managed to forget something relatively important........
my camera. 
Step back, folks. This is how the professionals do it. :P

So last Tuesday I retraced my steps and ended up back at the appointed spot of greatness where, this time with camera in hand thankfully, I once again found those three dimpled faces waiting for me. It was totally like déjà vu since we all wore the same thing that we had worn the first go make me feel like no harm had been done. ;) There is, of course, a purpose for everything and the first day had been rather windy but this day was gloriously sunny and delightfully warm. Therefore, I'd like to take this time to unveil the fact that I had planned it all to happen that way in the first place!! Ok...maybe I can't take the credit for that one...but God certainly planned it that way. :)

{n.} desire to stay in the sun; 
love of sunlight.

Even though these are "December portraits", it was still not even the slightest bit chilly. It pleased me exceedingly...I truly think I would prefer sun-leaks over snowflakes in my pictures any day. ;) The more I take pictures, the more I realize I am extremely attracted/addicted to sunlight. :) I love to see it flowing in, painting the edges of the images I make. It's something that I have found is a large part of "my brand." 
Another thing I love to see clearly displayed in my work is real genuine life. Which is why photographing kids is such a thrill for me. Kids experience and discover and live life so much deeper, and more passionate than we adults do. There is a portion of carefree and peace that is characteristic of a child's outlook that I long for.  As much as I might try, I'm not always going to be able to orchestrate everyone looking and smiling at the same time. That's not real life. But that is what I love about it. Kids are constantly moving and changing and rushing after the next adventure in their path. And when I'm running after them as they dash away from my camera's eye I taste that sweetness that my heart loses sight of from time to time. I like to think that part of me will never grow up. Part of me will always be four years old, running in the warm glow of sunlight. And I'm perfectly ok with that. :)

Jett & Tomi Jai
and Harper. :)
Yes, I am unashamed to say...These socks stole my heart. 
I probably need some of my own...
This suitcase belonged to their grandmother. :)
Despite the sentimentality...Harper was not exactly a fan. ;)
This is where things got really real. And fun. :)
The fact that Jett's shirt is busting out and the effects of gravity on Tomi's face...oh man...
So, according to my Facebook friends it was pretty much a tie between the color and black and white. :) I truly love them both. What do you think? :)
Tomi is a gymnast. Beams, bars, the mat...she does it all. But of course I'm just jealous of her ability to do cartwheels. I think I was born with the permanent inability to do one. Always tried. Never could. Okay...let's not dwell on that any's pretty much a huge devastating let down in my life...I don't want to get emotional... ;)
Hold it. This is one of my favorites...of all time.
MmmMMm...I can't get enough of these. :)
Now, go forth, and have an authentic day. :)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. these pictures. i'm slightly obsessed with the sunlight in these pictures--also, those simply precious kiddos! great pictures, Allix! these are gorgeous!! {LOVE the train-tracks... ;)}


  2. They are adorable!!!! Ohmygoodness Allix you did such an amazing job. :) I had to laugh at what you said about forgetting your camera, because I did two photo shoots this last week and both times freaked myself out for a second wondering, "Did I put my camera back in my bag?! Cause that would be just like me to forget it!!" (Thankfully I had remembered it. But I still had to wonder for just a sec.) :)
    Oh, PS- sunshine is definitely part of your brand! But you know what else is?! Bokeh!! That's something that always jumps out to me in ALL of your pictures- it's gorgeous!! :)

  3. These are beautiful, raw and real.

    I think you did a marvelous job, despite forgetting your camera the first time. ;)

    Take care, and hope you have a great afternoon!

  4. Allix you are amazingly talented!!! I LOVE how you captured the kids just being kids and the love they have for each other as siblings! The lighting, the fall leaves, the emotional black and whites, wow girl. Can you come take my pictures now? ;)

  5. good job! I adore your new favorite. these are so perfect!

  6. These are soooo good!! Friend, you're talented :). You are.

  7. Those are so wonderful! I like the color better than the black and white - the lighting is amazing in that shot :)
    -mal :)

  8. Ooooooh. These are fabulous, Allix. Love the last few ones with the sun. So good. :)

  9. Ok. These shots are fantastic. Love the little details..the shots of his socks, and her boots (with heels, my goodness. so cute). Oh! and harper's face in the gif with all the leaves flying around. hahaha so hilarious, she's like "what's going on here".

    I really enjoy reading your posts and admiring the photos that go along with your stories. God had a plan, even with you forgetting your camera. He is good. And your photos turned out fabulous.



  10. hi allix! I have looked at your blog a couple times, but I wanted to say that I absolutely love your work!!!! you are incredible!!!! please keep on taking pictures and producing beauty. :)

  11. you have such an eye! i know (from much...very interesting...experience) that three kids can be so hard. but these are beautiful, my friend! :) the last ones with harper getting thrown in the air - perfect!

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