Monday, December 3, 2012

Kayden Ray : portraits // paris, tx child and portrait photographer

The day I met Kayden Ray I could tell that he was shy. I know having a girl take pictures of you doesn't exactly sound like a 9 year old boy's dream. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to run and be free and jump off of all the high surfaces that surrounded us on the square downtown. 
I always waltz into a photoshoot with high hopes and the misconception that I'm going to be a comedic genius at comedy hour that makes everyone cry with laughter because I'm just that funny. Then when I get to snapping, I realize something quite daunting.
I am the cheesiest human being that has ever walked the earth and none of my jokes are even the slightest bit amusing. 
Or at least that's the fear that comes in and crushes the high hopes.
Shy kids are tough cookies when you suddenly realize you're less than hilarious. Especially when, deep down, you're a shy kid yourself.
There. I said it. I'm a shy kid with a very outgoing job. When I feel overly shy I try to do something  overly bold to counteract the process. And it usually fools everyone!
Kayden Ray may be a little shy at first, but he's got something up his sleeve that could fool a crowd.
Besides his contagious smile and his long dark curled eyelashes, this boy can dance. Like day-unce. Better than I dance in my dreams. And in my dreams, I have some moves, y'all. Somewhere amidst trying to get this fella to laugh his sweet laugh and smile that beautiful smile naturally, his grandmother was telling me he could do the moonwalk. Psshh. Yeah, ok...whatever. I can kind of do the moonwalk too. In socks on a slick floor. But, I was in for a surprise. I said, "Ok, wanna show me the moonwalk?" Right there before me, without even skipping a beat, in tennis shoes and all, this kid did the moonwalk so well it would have put the King of Pop to shame! Needless to say, my jaw fell to the ground and I deemed it to officially be quite possibly the coolest shoot I've ever done.....

Did I mention that the moonwalk is not the only dancing he did that night?! It was awesome...

I did eventually let him jump off things. ;)

Just bee-boppin' along like the cool kid that he is. :)

His grandfather works for the postal service so this is for him! :) 

High five Kayden, are way so much cooler than I will ever be and you made my afternoon with you super-stellar-fun. :D

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Your pictures of Kayden are amazing, Allix!

    Through the editing, the creativity, as well as the lighting, you captured a glimpse of his soul that no-one else could. And that's really impressive because not that many photographers can archive that, except the ones who take the time to notice. :)

    Keep going with your photography, Allix, You've got some serious talent there. ;)

  2. these are so great Allix!!!:) I LOVE IT!!

  3. Oh my word- these are awesome. The lighting in the last few is fantastic! And Kayden seems pretty awesome. :)

  4. Wow!!! Honestly, these really are spectacular!! Shy or not behind the camera, what comes out of the front of your camera is stupendous!

  5. oh my goodness, I think these are my favorites you've ever taken. I love his style, the sperry shoes are amazing. The lighting is beautiful and the locations are GREAT. :) :)

  6. You did a great job of capturing his spirit. What a cute- ahem, handsome shoot. :)

  7. Oh my goodness! You did an incredible job with these, girl. Definitely some of my favorite pictures that you've taken.

    P.S. Kayden is one cool kid. ;)

  8. Gorgeous pictures (as always!) Isn't it hilarious how us shy people end up with jobs that require you to be outgoing? I thought that photography would be perfect for me, because it was a behind the scenes job, right? I couldn't have been more wrong, lol. Oh well, I still love my job, and photography is my passion. It's just funny the way life works. ;)

  9. One cool kid.. And the lighting in these are amazing!


  10. These are super Allix. You hit the nail on the head for me, "I'm a shy kid with a very outgoing job." And I'll try to tuck this away, "When I feel overly shy I try to do something overly bold to counteract the process."
    You did a wonderful job drawing out his personality.

  11. these are great!! i'm LOVING the colors and scenery! :)

  12. These are the greatest! He is so cool looking :) I wish I could moon walk.. You did super!

  13. These are awesome!!! I'm inspired :)

  14. Allix.......................these could not be better........, you are an excellent photographer. I can tell you put your all into your work, it shows. Love you sweet girl

  15. These are perfect Allix!
    I love them so much...he is beyond adorable. :)

    These are fantastic. The fire truck shot? Brilliant. Perfect mix of little boy and awesome portrait. I'm also in love with the one with the long shadow. Perfect. All of them are. You have such talent! & I totally understand the shy girl with outgoing job problem.. I feel yah. :)

  17. I don't suppose anyone's mentioned lately that you're good....? like, oh goodness type of good? like for reals.
    okay, so they have mentioned it, but my little photographer heart screams to be heard. "um, yeahhh these are delicious. pure amazingness"

    so I had to tell you. ;)

    p.s. I love your shy little self! :)

  18. These are GREAT! Look at that slick, fashionable little man. ;] He's gonna be a heartthrob someday.

  19. What a cute and cool kid. These photos are awesome and I love how you capture the sunlight in your photos. It's really amazing. This may just be one of my favorite photo shoots of yours. ;)



  20. These are amazing!! Maybe I'll take pictures this good someday!! Don't worry I think you're funny...and take thee most awesome pictures!


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