Monday, February 25, 2013

Emily Rose : Senior 2013 // mt. pleasant, tx senior portrait and lifestyle photographer

Me and this girl that you're about to meet go way back...waaaaay back. Like...Kindergarten. :) She was always sweet spirited, soft spoken, thoughtful, and had the cutest laugh and smile.
This year, we're graduating. 
Yeah! We're seniors! Oh goodness! We're so old! Where did the time go?? Seriously!!
When we were that little, back when I spent the night with her and her twin brother at their incredible log cabin house with their exotic pets that enchanted peacocks (yes...peacocks!!), I obviously would've never imagined growing up to be a photographer. But when I did begin to dream about such a profession in my earlier teens years, one thought especially excited me: "When my class and I graduate, I can take their senior pictures! That would be...well, it would pretty much be the coolest." :)
Though sometimes I wondered if it ever would, this fateful year has finally come. I was raring to go to make my dream come true as I made a pretty collage to advertise that I, Allix B., was having a senior portrait special because with me graduating as well, there had to be some form of celebration. ;)
Anywho! All that to say, this sweetheart that I've always been fond of was one of the first ones to respond! :D Because I have been homeschooled since 6th grade, there's some old elementary school buddies that I haven't seen since our last day of 5th grade...and Emily happened to be one of those. 
Spending the afternoon with her, catching up and reminiscing, was a ton of fun. :) Not to mention she is craaaaazy gorgeous...which, fyi, just makes my job that much easier. { That's the only excuse I'm giving for the great abundance of pictures in this post. ;) Please and thank you, thank you very much. }
Funnest fact...she is still sweet spirited, soft spoken, thoughtful, and has the cutest laugh and smile....except now she plays the guitar.
Score :D
Reflection in a shop window across the street. Bam. ;)
Doesn't she look like Haylie Duff here?! Sooooo pretty. :) :)

Another thing that hasn't changed is that awesome log cabin that she grew up in and I remember so well...I was more than happy to use it as our last location! :D

Not positive if they still have peacocks or not....but they do have something pretty special. Um. Yes. It's A BUFFALO! Mmmmhm. Way cool.

They also have deer. :)

The kitty was helping made her smile. ;)

EMILY!!! I had such a blast working with you, my friend. I wish you well in your {OUR} last few months of high school. ;)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Wow, these blew me away. And the edits are just stunning. You did an amazing job. :)

  2. WOOOOWEEEE. These. Are. Gorgeous. :D :D :D HER HAIR. Fabulous job! <3

  3. oh goodness. O_O these are so beautiful I can't even believe it. as I was going through them I kept saying "oh I'm going to have to comment and tell her I like ___" and then there were too many things to put in the blank by the time I got to roughly the middle of the post. :) I LOVE ALL THE GORGEOUSNESS.

  4. These are GORGEOUS! So, so beautiful, girl!

  5. These are basically just amazing! Girl, you are so good. :)

  6. Allix these are so amazing!!!!:) I love all the pictures!!

  7. she's beautiful! and i love the dr. pepper wall :)

  8. Ohmygosh... These just kinda sorta blew me away! I think that these are some of my favorites that you have ever taken. The lighting, location, composition, depth-of-field... these were perfect. My favorites were probably the ones of her by the fence at her log cabin with her guitar. Those ones are beautiful <3
    And yes, that cabin is amazing :)


  9. LOVE!!! The second photo, the one where she's walking across the street with her guitar, and the second to last one are my faves but I love all of them!!! Well done!

  10. Beautiful as always! I love the ones of her on the porch swing with the warm sunlight, and the ones on the quilt with the guitar. You definently captured her lovely, gentle personality. I absoloutley love your blog! <3 I spend the weekend looking through it.

  11. Allix, I think these are the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen you take. Woooow! Absolutely stunning. :)

  12. These are amazing. Love the light. And she's gorgeous! :)

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  14. Hey, this photography of yours is just stunningly beautiful, Allix!
    And the guitar + railway location is just perfect. :)

  15. I think that these are brilliant. Wow. And in full sun? *high five*

  16. So much gorgeousness!!!! Beautiful work Allix


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