Monday, October 21, 2013

Carolin Alexis : senior portraits // mt. pleasant, tx senior portrait and lifestyle photographer

"What a revelation it was when she realized she didn't need to settle." 
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She is bold. She is wild. She is a musician. She's graduating. She is one of those classic, timeless beauties. Yet, she is modern. She is eclectic. She is a vivacious city girl from San Fran. She speaks French. And the list of radness goes on. I admire that there is a soft, graceful, classy, poised, refined touch to her rocker chick persona. 
That's a Cliff Notes version. A Reader's Digest, if you will. I could talk for days about how she has a pleasant, sweet, gentle, interesting personality. How the few hours that I spent with her were genuinely super fun even though I had just met her! Hope y'all can tell in these pictures she and I made that afternoon that was dripping with honey golden light. :)
{+ maybe I get some cool points cause this is my electric guitar featured here. could that be a yes?}

~Through Christ's Love  


  1. gah. she is so pretty. :) and, as always, I just love love love your pictures, allix. :)

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous. And as always your photography skills are stunning. Love this set.



  3. Gosh darn.
    excuse me while I just go pin half those photos...

  4. My my my, is this lady lovely or what?! My goodness... how beautiful, Allix... (and yes, props to you for the prop, ha haaaa, corny at it's best! ;))

  5. Love these Allix! You seem to improve each session. Keep up the good work!

  6. Love these Allix! You seem to improve each session. Keep up the good work!

  7. Allix, this is the first comment I have ever made, but hey, I might as well leave it! AWESOME job. I want to be a photographer just like you. Do have some questions, so I'll email.


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