Sunday, January 24, 2016

in which i share my favorite wedding images of 2015

"When we're born into this world
We don't really get a say
Little boys and little girls handed to brand new families
But the one we spend our life with
That we get to choose
And I choose you
I choose you, to be by my side
I choose you, to hold me at night
It's the biggest decision I'm about to get right
I choose you, I choose you"
|| i choose you - andy grammer  ||

Twenty fifteen: 
Fifteen weddings, fifteen brides in love with fifteen grooms; fifteen bouquets, white gowns, pairs of rings, ceremonies, receptions...countless beautiful, life changing moments and memories. Let's face it, this post is ginormous. I'm as indecisive as they come and fiercely attached to my work -- mostly because of the incredible people that I photograph and befriend. These sweet people that let me be a small part of such a big day in their lives have left a mark on me as all my couples do every year. As if it wasn't magical enough to be there as they embark on their journey as husband and wife, I've gotten the privilege of seeing them (even if only through social media sometimes) gush about the joys of marriage, share the reality of the hard times and tough lessons, become expectant PARENTS, and continue loving, enjoying, and choosing their "forever person." 
Perhaps you'll take this post in little chunks, savor it, come back a few times to see it all...I won't be offended if you can't conquer it in one sitting. ;) And I promise individual blogpost of these days are coming! (I've already blogged the Greene and Quist weddings and I can't wait to share the rest of these grand stories!) But as I saw one after another "year in review" post in my newsfeed and decided to do one of my own, I realized what a monumental thing it was to weave all my work from one year into one tapestry that flows freely together. Wedding days are powerfully unique but theres also a sameness that is sweet and comforting. There's a familiar wonder that moves me time and time again and keeps me coming back. So to see my 2015 weddings "working together" like this was a joy for me. It reminded me of all that I love about photographing wedding days -- all of the triumphs and learning curves and especially the immeasurable mercy of God that I'm actually doing such a fantastic thing as a job. I don't take that graciousness lightly. I'm truly thankful that with each year more couples invite me into their special times to capture their special moments so years from now, as they flip through these images, feelings and emotions will be evoked as they say "That really was the best day.
Enjoy, friends! 


  1. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous Allix!
    I am a huge fan of your work, your photos are beautiful, I love your style!
    ~ Jenessa

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