Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maggie Grace turns 5 {northeast, tx child photographer} [personal]

When it's cold outside
I've got the month of May
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
My Girl.
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Maggie Grace. She's my oldest cousin's first child. And guess what: I love her to pieces. :D
On March 2nd she turned 5 years old. I could hardly believe that my precious little "Mag-lite" had lived half a decade. What is this crazy world coming to? Babies are growing up! :( 
Five things about Maggie:
1.) She loves to pretend and her imagination is always hungry for adventure.
2.) She has the cutest little laugh and it is rather contagious once she starts.
3.) She is a wonderful big sister to Anna Claire and loves for Anna to call her "My Maggie"
4.) She hates to take naps only because she knows that once she falls asleep she stays asleep for hours and misses all the fun ;)
5.) She can't wait to grow up and get married because she knows she'll be a "good helper."

The other day we had a birthday party for her at the park and I couldn't help having flash backs of the first time I held her. She was so small and precious...wavy brown hair, deep blue eyes, and rosebud lips. Now she has grown into a 5 year old white-blond headed fiery little girl who loves to laugh and live life with a smile on her face. :D
This is the face she made while we sang "Happy Birthday" to her. The sweetest little smile that melted my heart. :)

She got to go to the Great Wolf Lodge (that's in Dallas) for her fifth birthday and she also got her first professional pedicure. :D

So here's just a few pictures I got while watching Maggie and Anna play. Children really do make the most of everything, don't they? Swinging in a creaky old swing in the back yard suddenly becomes their dream-come-true and running around on the green green grass might as well be the eigth wonder of the world. :)
Psst! Here's little 2 year old Anna Claire that Maggie is such a good big sis to.

After this day of normal childhood fun, Maggie drew me a picture of a big smiley face and when she gave it to me she said,
"I drew him smiling because this is the best day of my life."

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. I like the pictures, Allix, photographing little girls is always fun! What's your favorite one?

  2. Thanks Maddie! I love the black and white of Maggie swinging and the black and white of Anna :D

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Hey!! You're commenting!! You are so nice :) Thanks for making my day. :D