Friday, April 22, 2011

Camping at Lake Bob Sandlin with Friends {mt pleasant tx lifestyle & portrait photographer} [personal]

Campers: Nature's way of feeding mosquitoes.  
|Author Unknown|

Camping...despite all the rigorous packing, buzzing mosquitoes, poison ivy, the impossible showers, the flies, and what-not there's still:
A lovely lake {of shining waters. ;)}

Ca-uuuute little boys in red hats

Oh-so-Fun round rainbow camping lights

Cheesy Rabbit Grins

Not-so-little baby boys :)

Other photographer friends that love to take pictures of ca-uuuute little boys in red hats ;)

I'm there too of course ;)

Sandboxes :)

Snaggled-Tooth smiles and matching shirts :)

Yummy Snacks

Medals that say "Winner" on them that you get just cause you're sweet :D

If you hadn't already noticed...there was oodles of adorable kiddos present :)

B-e-a-uuutiful (and yet paaaainfully shy) friends

{Ain't she a stinker??}

Feathers and shells on the shore

Nikon people ;P hehe

Cowboy Night :)

Cowgirls and Indians...on peaceful terms :)

Large purple headbands...with precious baby girls underneath :)

A birthday party for a certain special 'Joy'ful girly :)

Morning walks where you find little purple flowers :)

{And yellow ones too!}

Bokeh on the water :D

Friends to enjoy the water with :D

Mama lovin' :D

Random lovely children at the playground ;)

And NOW...ladies and gentlemen we have reached the climax of this presentation....I would like to introduce to you some of
My Friends, My Amigos, My Girls, My All-Dressed-in-Pink-Just-Cause-We're-Cool-Like-That-Pals, My Fellow Buddies of Silliness:

We are as follows:
I am the one in the middle with the hot pink shirt on and the quirky side smirks.
Shelbi is the one in the light pink shirt with the dark brown hair that is working the serious looks.
Then Savannah (Shelbi's younger-by-a-year sister) is the one to the right of me in the top left corner picture...she's pulling off the Gawk ;D
Rachel is in the striped pink and white may be able to spot her if I tell you that she looks absolutely terrified in three of the four pictures in the direct below collage ;)
And Madeleine (Maddie for short) is the one trying to hide away in the back...she finally came up to my shoulder in the bottom right corner to strike the Pucker Pose ;D

Um...we really are quite civilized...I promise ;)

Now then...we managed the normal the bottom one at least ;D

All in all...camping makes for tons of fun, laughter, games, talks, sun burns, mosquito bites, full tummies, lots of pictures that cause blog posts to be dangerously long, aaaaand
Memories. Sweet sweet memories.

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. How fun!! :) Love these pictures! Especially the ones of you girls! :) How fun!

  2. Love the pictures! Camping is so fun! :)

  3. everyone knows how scary I can make my face...I'm sorry if y'all get nightmares! lol


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