Monday, October 31, 2011

atlas elizabeth: fall {3 month} portraits // paris, tx baby and family portrait photgrapher

I get a call at the end of September, k? And hear that Mary and Kenneth are ready for Atlas' 3 month portrait session scheduled for the end of October. What do I do? Jump for joy...#1 Cause it's good exercise and #2 I love this adorable, growing, chubby, beautiful, bright-eyed, absolute blessing of a girl bigger than the sky!! :D Every time I take pictures of her {like here, here, and here} I am reminded how amazing my God truly is. :') 
So! On to the pictures...The theme? Fall of course. :)
 Isn't she the cutest pumpkin in this patch?? ;)
 This outfit was a SCREAM! laugh.out.loud! One day, when she's all grown up, she'll look back on these pictures and hopefully she'll find the strength within herself to laugh...and not disown Kenneth and Mary. ;)

 Then we headed in the house for a few portraits of her because the wind was reeeeally gusty that day.
 This face is an Atlas trademark...and I rather like it. 8-| hehe

Check out that smirk!
 Then she may or may not have gotten a little tuckered out...right before...
...we decided to do their family portraits. I don't think it takes much away from this beautifulness, do you?
 In fact, it adds a little extra charm if you ask me. :)

 Love love Love love :) :)

 Kenneth was imitating her sleep eyes :D
 She was kind enough to open those little peepers for one last shot.

'Til next time, then?
~Through Christ's Love 
P.S. Here's a sneak peek at my super-excitingly-crazy-epic-laughter filled-awesome friend was stupendous. A blog post will be has to...some things just can't go unblogged. ;)


  1. She is so presh! and y'all are too cute. :)

  2. Can't wait to see your next post;-)

    I go to church with Mary and Kenneth, aaannnddd, little Atlas. So I get to see the little cutie every week! Great pics, Allix!!

    *Miss Lys*

  3. Hi Allix,

    I keep trying to follow, but your follower gadget isn't showing up!? Any ideas?


  4. These pictures are so beautiful, Allix!!


    Please update ALOT. :D

    And the last picture makes me particularly excited. ;) Can we just re-live those moments please??

  5. p.s. Your face is absolutely adorable in that picture! And Susanna's expression is SOOOO priceless. Her pose makes the picture perfect! Rachel's elegant skirt and hair make me smile... she just looks like a princess gracefully jumping in the air! :) Sophie and I are just weirdos. ;-)

    I just love this picture. Can you tell? ;)

  6. Um, thank you Jo... Speak for yourself... ;)


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