Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big 4-0 [Personal]

No, I'm not 40.
I'm sure you knew that.
But my dear mother is 40.
Because 40 years ago {yes...way back when in 1971}
She was born.
And then she lived...for 40 years.
Let me tell you how it all happened.
Mam-maw was pregnant with her fourth baby.
Second girl {but she didn't know that.}
It had been ten years since she had a baby.
Maybe that affected her judgement - let's give her the benefit of the doubt.
She was playing Scrabble with her best friend/sister-in-love and she didn't want to stop. Even when the labor pains hit. She kept on playing. When Pap-paw finally convinced her to get up and leave, it was TIME to have the baby. 
They made it to Mt. Pleasant just in time to meet their new baby girl.
They named her Darla.
Darla Dawn.
{To match all the other "D's" before her: Donald, Dana, and Dale}
She completed their little family.
"This is the story of a girl...
And though she looked so sad in photographs ^
I absolutely love it when she smiles."
| Nine Days |
She was indeed a very happy child with a very happy childhood.
{excuse her chipped fingernails...but check out how shiny her hair is!! Seriously, is there like some amazing 70s shampoo that I can get on eBay that will make my hair shimmer like that??} 
She had parents who spoiled loved her.

And family that adored her.
{A big brother and a big sister that got married waaaay too early, and another big brother that was determined to scare her half-to-death every 5 minutes. *ahem* You three know who you are. [cough] ;)}
She was indeed the ultimate baby with siblings that were much older than her, but when she was 2 she had a chance to be a "big sister" of sorts to her cousin Lana 
and then, two years later, Clay.
Ok, so maybe everyone thought when he was born Clay was word should I use?? Let me put it this way; direct quote from his own mother in his baby book: "He sure is ugly, but he's getting prettier everyday." :D
Birthday after birthday
 She grew into a beautiful young woman...
Who was mischievous
 and had a great sense of humor. {That certainly hasn't changed.} :D
She fell in love with this crazy long-haired guy from Paris ...much to her family's dismay. ;) 
She actually married him!
She was already a mother to one and soon became a mother of two. 
So, we're wrapping up this story, cause you know I wasn't born that long ago. ;) 
And yet, a lot has happened, a lot has changed...for better and worse.
Mostly better.
Somethings haven't changed.
She's still madly in love with this guy for instance. {Turns out he wasn't near as crazy as everyone a-feared.;D} In fact he turned out to be the dearest person on earth to her. And she couldn't imagine what these past 40 years would've been like without him being there for a whole half of them.
For sixteen years, 5 months,  1 week, and 4 days I've been able to watch my mother live.
I've watched her laugh, cry, smile, reminisce, be beautiful {and hilarious}. 
I've watched her struggle in storms both big and small and I've watched her realize that the Lord brought her through them all. I have watched her trust in Him with all her heart and be a blessed daughter of the King, a godly wife, and an incredible mother.
 I wasn't there for the first part of her 40 years...
but I can't wait to experience the next 40.
Because I love her
with all my heart.
She doesn't look near 40, does she?!?

~Through Christ's Love 
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  1. aww, that was fun to go through. Happy Birthday to your mother! She is a wonderful woman and I'm glad to know her. I hope she has a wonderful day celebrating, especially tomorrow. :)

  2. Oh Allix, that was so sweet! I loved reading that - and I'm sure your mother did, too.

    Happy birthday, Mrs. Brunson!

  3. *happy sigh* I love your blog Allix! :)


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