Sunday, November 20, 2011

Madeline Rain: 5 months // paris, tx baby portrait photographer

It is always fun to schedule photo-shoots.
The anticipation, excitement, blog-surfing-for-inspiration, excess smiling and or crying out of nervousness {not that I've done this...much ;)} that takes place before The Day arrives always stimulates quite an adrenalin  rush and once its all over you feel so worn out you're ready to sleep for days.
Then there's something called spontaneity.
Definition? In this case it means, I was at my grandparents' house to hang out, they happen to be keeping my adorable 5 month old cousin and there's a pile of leaves in the yard...just her size {did I mention the lighting was lovely and baby Maddy has gorrrgeous brown eyes?}. It's times like these that I believe I would be pretty silly to pass up such a photo opportunity that has so graciously fallen into my lap. :)
This cousin may not strike you as familiar but if you've been anything close to a regular around here for a while then you probably have seen this blog post about her birth. She's grown bunches in the last 5 months. :)
Her precious hot pink boots and the leaves added a beautifully fun fall touch...
or tasty fall depends on which one of us you ask. ;)
Oh dear me, brown eyes are so pretty. They are deep and rich and dramatic in a way other eye colors simply can't be. However, blue eyes and all other light eye colors in general are usually easier to photograph because they easily capture light which is what you want when you're aspiring to take a stunning portrait. So when you actually do have surprising success at capturing lovely light in dark eyes you, or at least I, get a tad bit giddy and feel like I've hit a grand slam, out of the ballpark, during the World Series. It's a good moment. :D
ANYWAYS! Brown eyes...Maddy's brown eyes in particular...I love them :D
I also love that she is a very happy and calm tempered baby. :) Makes my job waaaay so much easier.
Her brother and Daddy have white blond hair and so I guess I always assumed that she would too...but I personally see some dark peach fuzz on that head of hers. :D
Did I mention that her boots are adorably awesome? Cause they are...I want some in my size...really!
YAY for babies in baskets! I know, I know...major cliche. But hey, usually ridiculously cute things are cliches. :)
Again...such a happy baby. :D
Prolly my favorite...yeah....pretty sure :) :)
Wow. Props? Outfit change? Maybe this was more of a legit photo-shoot than I thought. ;)
She was very fascinated with her tutu :)
Bubbles :)

Yeah, so...I'm sorta, kinda, reeeeally... love with baby feet. :D
Fall bokeh: yes please! :D
 For making the first, last, and all the shots in between a blast...Thanks, cutie. :)
~Through Christ's Love 
P.S. Are y'all ready for my big long list of things I'm thankful {to God} for coming this Thursday?  Probably more ready than I am!! ;)

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