Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Nelms Family || paris, tx family portrait and lifestyle photographer

Joey, Jennifer, Jaylen, and little sister Riley are tight-knit, giggly, laid-back, just the right balance of silly and sweet, and these are the images I made one evening of their darling
F A M I L Y.

Thank y'all again for spending an evening behind my camera. It was a pleasure. :)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. these are beautiful allix. everything about them.

  2. LOVE 'em. These are great Allix!


  3. oh my. these pictures are precious. You are one of my top favorite photographers. really, you are so so talented. :)

    blessings, friend!


  4. These images are full of so much joy and colours...what a perfect, (and very good-looking) example of a family. :)

  5. Great attitude to photos. That's absolutely great. I am absolutely satisfied with your photos, you can edit them with


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