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Daniel Jack + Regan Nicole : Married || Kirksville, Missouri Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

This is the story of how these lovely souls became Husband and Wife.

The day I shot Dan and Regan's wedding was graceful, elegant, peaceful, pretty, romantic, gentle, and incredibly fun...every element of the whole day was the very essence of their personalities. The whole time I was there I was just overwhelmingly honored and thankful to know this darling couple as friends and to be a part of such an intensely emotional, beautiful, and unforgettable time in their lives. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience as a wedding photographer.

Both of them are known for their deep and rich love for their families and friends. It was such a joy to see the close connection between all of them firsthand. 

And both families are friends with each other. There is no pretense or formality; just real, "because of the saving love of Jesus", feelings for each other. For example: this is Dan's little sister, Abby, and her and Regan are genuinely close friends and sisters in Christ! 

And this is her Buddyforlife Elizabeth who {as you can see from that cute bling on her left hand} is getting married herself! In a couple of weeks! Marriage! Seems to be a fever among my friends these days....and its catching. ;) What an exciting time, folks!  

This marriage was the answer to countless fervent prayers by Dan and Regan and all those that know and love them. Including these two men below...Regan's father on the left and Dan's on the right.  I was moved to tears as I came around a corner and saw these dads, both strong men of God, in a room alone crying out to Him on behalf of their children...soon to be joined together as one. :')

It was achingly beautiful to see how every single stitch of Dan and Regan's love story has been woven together by their Heavenly Father. It is by His grace that these two kids who were once drowning in the ocean of their own sin, rebellious to their parents, distant from friends who sought to have a good influence on them have now been redeemed and are living faithfully for Him together. Because they fell in love with Jesus Christ, God drew them to fall in love with each other. :)

Months before this delightful day in the middle of May, Regan told me about how Dan proposed to her. 

"After talking to Mom and having her tactfully keep me distracted, he managed to sneak up to Kirksville and set up a trail of flowers and notes in the field and around a pond where we had had some good talks. Mom got me out to the field by telling me dad had called and said he forgot his fencing pliers out there and wanted me to get them. I went out there wearing my big baggy sweatshirt, shorts, and cowboy boots wearing no makeup and having my hair in a bun directly on top of my head (I was quite a sight!)

I followed the flower trail and read the notes along the way. The last note told me to 'look to my right and the one who loves me would be in sight'
I looked to my right and didn't see anything...

....then I looked again and 

there was Dan. 

Walking across the field holding a red rose. It was like a dream! With the sunset in the background he expressed how he felt and he got on one knee and he proposed! :) ♥"

Side note: the guy on the right, Stephen Gates, just married Abby in March....and I made this video for their wedding. :)

Marie..Dan's other little sister. What a doll. :D 

Jenny (SHE'S A BEAST OF AWESOMENESS! She was Regan's personal attendant and she made my job, which was already crazy easy because everyone was so wonderful, EVEN MORE simple. Love her!!) and sweet Heather who did Regan's makeup absolutely stunningly. Such precious, impressive women. :) 

Rebekah....the other Buddyforlife. :) The heart/talent/love/beauty of this girl is remarkable. :)

Rachel: Regan's big brother's wifey. :) She's an absolute sweetheart. She encouraged me, thanked me, and cheered me on until I almost forgot I was a first timer. :)

Such a fun moment. :) Russell came in grinning from ear to ear and laughing. He was clearly tickled to see his baby girl looking like she stepped right out of a fairytale. When he got to her side he said,
"Well, you look like yourself. Beautiful as ever." :)

And he got right to work helping out anyway he could. How many daddies help with the veil and lacing the dress? This one did. :)

The brothers. :) Hemming Regan in on either side, Roy: the oldest and Ross: the youngest. ;)

I really liked how Regan had Rebekah and Elizabeth both as her maids of honor. These three are closer than PB and J, y'all. Hope you can tell.

In the midst of Regan's last minute touches, Dan's mom Kelly slipped out to go check on her boy who was right down the hall. We hardly noticed her reappear until she quietly came right up to Regan and gave her the biggest hug, whispering, "That's from Dan." Regan was ecstatic. She was longing for the moment that she could call him her husband so any fragment of him was sending her heart into hysterics.

In the meantime, LoverBoy was having jitters of his own. ;)

Did I mention that hug also came with more whispers?

 "I can't send the kiss but I'll give it to you soon." 

Plus also a love note on a napkin. Pssssh. Oh the cute.

She may or may have not written back as soon as possible....
Yes. It does say "Can't wait to kiss you, Sweetheart." just in case you were wondering if it was as adorable as you imagined.

I felt like I was on a super special secret mission getting both sets of portraits done without these two seeing each other. They saved their First Look for when she walked floated down the aisle to him. :)

They might have giggled for like two seconds when I said, "Gimme your model face." I didn't even have time to wonder if they'd be able to do it cause in a matter of moments they nailed it. Gosh guys. Fierce.

Allison took her flower-girl job very seriously. Someone told her she looked as pretty as a princess and she replied, "Nope. I'm not a princess. 
Today I am a flowergirl."

I know their outward beauty has to be blowing you away...they really are some of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen. But its their hearts where their true God given beauty lies. And even there, still they are some of the most gorgeous girls you could ever meet.

And these fellas also...they're gold. :)

Then, it was time. The Lord was entreated again before they all shuffled out with the bride who's life was about to change forever.

Each one took up her train and sang "Going to the Chapel" in magnificent harmony.

And as she came around the corner we stopped her because her groom was up ahead in the next room. But we did not ask him to leave or close his eyes. Instead, much to Regan's delight, we had him come to the corner of the stairs and as they reached out their hands and touched for the first time that whole day, aching to be together but trying to stay hidden from each other's sight Dan happily said,

"Hi sweetheart. I get to marry you soon."

Though I'm sure, in the state of emotional high they were in, they never wanted to let go, he ran to get into the ceremony could the girl of his dreams, his bride, could become his wife. :)

He didn't break down, but watching his eyes slowly fill up with tears as he saw her was truly a once in a lifetime splendid moment.

Stephen wrote a song for Dan and Regan that he and his beloved sang together. There's absolutely no doubt that God made them (and their voices) for each other. :)

A highlight of the day...Dick Ochs has been Regan's pastor for many, many was so sweet to see him get choked up for a moment when officially pronouncing them Husband and Wife. :')

And with that they shared

their first kiss. :)

Married at last! :D

Let "Life as the Ever Fabulous Mr. and Mrs. Hargrave" begin!!

"Regan is the love and joy of my life.

Dan says, 

She has a heart for others and shows that in her sacrificial lifestyle. She loves and respects her parents and family.

She finds joy in everyday and each moment.

Theres never a dull moment when we are together. She can be very talkative or quiet and laid back depending on the situation.

Putting God first and living upon His Word is her first priority.

I love her soft, gentle, tender touch. Her heart is full of love and joy. 

I also love her beautiful eyes and smile. 

She's a farmgirl and not afraid to get dirt on her hands, but she also dresses up and looks gorgeous. 

She is my treasure.

She serves, forgives, prays for, and encourages me faithfully. She is truly a gift from God.

Dan is my closest friend and companion.

says Regan,

He is very considerate of others and one of the first things I ever noticed about him was how much he sought to serve and help out. He loves the Lord and faithfully prays with me and shares with me what he has been reading and learning. 

He doesn't fail to enjoy the little things, which I love!

He is very laid back and easy going and easy to please. I can tell him anything and he loves me just the same. 

I've never met a man so manly and yet so gentle!

He treats me like gold!

I love everything about him, but to name a few...

...the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles,

the way he gently holds my hand or puts his arm around me,

how we can do the most "everyday" thing together and still have so much fun!

I love how different he is from me and how he makes me laugh and smile like no one else, and I love hearing him pray.

These two are head over heels in forever-kind-of-love. They're going to get to spend the rest of their lives hand in hand, side by side doing all their favorite stuff together....
fishing, hunting, star-gazing, going on walks, watching sunsets, working together, watching Andy Griffith, cooking, washing dishes, praying, talking...

Also, I think kissing is now added to their list of favorites. ;)

All the speeches were wonderfully encouraging, downright sweet, and hilariously funny.

Like how Rebekah told about how she first learned through her brother Stephen that Dan liked Regan.

She masterfully kept this news a secret until the perfect moment....
One night at Wal-Mart while her and Regan were walking around in pajama pants, without a care in the world, Rebekah turned to her and with the quote straight from Dan to Stephen ready to go she casually and matter-of-factly said,
" the way...Dan Hargrave thinks you're breathtaking."

She went on to tell about how Regan gasped and danced around at this point, basically on cloud nine. That guy that she liked actually liked her back!
However, as excited as she was then, it was a little different reliving the front of that guy of hers that had never heard this tale before. ;)

But it was okay...because shortly afterwards, Dan's younger brother and best man John shared an equally good one. About how in "the crush stage" Dan made a list of all the things he liked about Regan.....and he just so happened to write it in one of John's old notebooks.

Of course it was found eventually...which means John was able to pull it out as evidence. ;)

And precious Abby shared about how Dan's conversion made a huge impact on her life and eventually aided her own journey in grace.

And then Dan revealed a surprise for his bride. He had written a poem that I think perfectly sums up the meaning of this day that they made their covenant, their relationship, his feelings for her, and her value to him. :)

This day has finally come to be
The day when you join hands with me
In prayer you were continually asked for

Beyond what I could ask, God gave me more

How can it be that God would give me such a treasure
Of God's goodness one cannot measure
Nothing but God's wrath for sin do we deserve
But a merciful and forgiving God we serve

Your gorgeous eyes and smile quickly caught my eye
And I'll continue to marvel at such beauty til I die

But still, your beauty runs much deeper 

The way you love and desire God closer
And your humbleness and service to others

The way you treat your dad and mom respectfully
And how you sing and pray faithfully
You stand strong for what you're about
You truly are beautiful on the inside and out

I look forward to life's journey by your side

Lives spent for Him to decide
Following nothing but our Shepherd's hand
Holding onto His promises to stand

Whatever befall us, by His grace, we'll be victorious
If God be for us, who can be against us 
As this old body ages and our days are through

Always remember, baby, I only have eyes for you

She kind of loves him, you guys. For really reals.

dance me very tenderly and dance me very long
we're both of us beneath our love, and both of us above
please dance me to the end of love.

One of the most glorious parts of the whole day...possibly my favorite everyone was outside preparing for Dan and Regan to rush out, they were inside praying with and saying goodbye to their parents.

The emotion was raw, and real, and honest, and deep, and beautiful. I fought to hold back the tears just so I could get the images in focus. :)

As the love-birds ran through sparkler light
 They stole one more kiss before their flight
Then hand in hand away they flew
Still living in the haze of all this brand new

Both madly in love sporting smiles quite wide
With friends cheering and clapping for the Groom and his Bride

They waved to the crowd, praising God on their way
For twas He who had crafted this beautiful day.

My heart is full. I love the couple. I love the wedding party. I loved May 18th. The end.

~Through Christ's Love 


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