Friday, February 11, 2011

Aaron & Rachel - Married Love {northeast tx portrait and engagement photographer}

On the fourth day of Jessica Shae's internship we were all able to do a short portrait session with a gorgeous couple, Aaron and Rachel Dodson. Jessica has actually known them for a long time so it was neat for all us interns to meet them as well. :)

They have been married a little over a year and Rachel is currently 16 weeks pregnant with their first baby...but you can't reeeally tell. ;) They are SO sweet together. People in love....that's a one of a kind wonder. :)

I love how this looks like they're passionately singing to each other....just like in a movie. :) (They're beautiful enough to be in a movie that's for sure!!)

Even their feet were adorable and precious together!!
For those of you that have always wondered how to do the model face...I give you an AWESOME example!! Work it guys!!! :D

Things are still going swell here at Jessica's. Today is the last day of the internship and I am just amazed at how much she has taught and we have retained just in 5 short days!!! I say that's a convincing reason for all of you reading this to give Miss Jessica a standing ovation....she totally deserves it! :)

-Through Christ's Love ♥

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  1. Love the Boca (s.p.) in the collage pic. You are getting a nice portfolio together. Keep up the good work.


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