Monday, February 14, 2011

The Greene Family {mt. pleasant family portrait photographer}

Hi everyone. :) I would like to introduce y'all to some of my absolute faaaaaaavorite people in the whole wide universe. :) I present to you:

The Greene Family :D
I know what you're thinking...."These people are GORGEOUS!!!" And to that I would say, "Yes indeed they are. How very observant of you." :)
But aside from their beauty...they have wonderful personalities! They are so very fun and they all love the Lord more than words can tell...and that is what makes them so wonderful and genuine. :)

Sunday afternoon they asked if I could take some family pictures for them by their big deal, casual affair. I replied calmy, "Uh, YESSSSSSS!" ;D
So all five Greenes + 1: Bro. John, Mrs. Michele, Jay, Daniel, Rachel, and Daniel's girlfriend Emily let me photograph their lovely faces for a whole afternoon. :)

The strapping young men :)

And the lovely young ladies! :) say no more. :)

And oh hey peoples, Daniel's got a gorgemous girlfrieeeeend. Emily is the sweetest thing this side of cotton candy!! :) They are so cute, Cute, CUTE togethaaaa!! :)

STUNNING!!!! These people have Ocean Water eyes!!! I did none, nada, nothin' to their eyes...they're just that blue!!

And Emily just fits right in to this beatimous crowd. :)

Cu-koo, Cu-koo ;D
You ask me to tell you the kids' personalities in a nutshell...I give you: THIS!

OH DEARY! I cannot say enough how much I looooove this group of folks. :) They really are fantastico. :)
Not to mention artistic and creative...and on that note I urge you to look at this and this. :)

-Through Christ's Love ♥


  1. These turned out awesome, Allix friend!! Great job :D

  2. Love your new blog!!!:) Great shots of the Greenes! :)

  3. *Allix,*
    You did a wonderful job taking our family portrait's~! I appreciate the special touches that I know took extra time. And I can definitely see your own style coming through. You are a sweetie~!

  4. These are awesome, Allix! Not just the photo quality, but the experience! You made it really fun and that makes for better pictures :)

    This is Daniel btw :)

  5. These are awesome! I love all the sibling shots.

  6. wonderful Pics Ms.Allix! You did a great job! :D

  7. Wonderful. Very nice lookng famly.


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