Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome folks :) {northeast texas portrait photographer}

Hey Everyone! Allix B. here!

As you might have guessed, this is a brand-spankin' new blog and this is post number one. I'm here at the first ever internship of the one and only, wonderful photographer, Jessica Shae Garner!
This is day three of five and, thanks to our spiratic Texas weather, we are snowed in at present working away like busy beavers. :)

We've been devoting our time to branding and blogging lately which has been quite a fun process. The first day our assignment was to find our brand (style) by thinking of five words that we felt embodied us as an individual and also our photography business.
My five words are: bright, warm, expressive, fun, and detailed. :)
Secondly to pull those words together we had to search the Internet over trying to find twenty pictures that struck a cord and were just us. So after I searched I found these and collaged them. Which made me so happy because it really is just me.

{btw..this is in no way intended to be a copyright infringement...I was unable to sufficiently site all the sourses of these wondermous photos. If you recognize any of these pictures as your own and would rather me not have them here, just let me know. I'm a peaceful person, pinkie promise! ;) }

Also on our first day we went on a real-deal photoshoot with Miss Garner and watched her work her magic. :)

Then we interns all got a turn...

Then I was up! *gulp*!
It was alot of fun though...the kids (Bailey and Chance) were cute and the mom (Christie) was pregnant and gorgeous. :)

We left happy and satisfied with the results as we walked proudly aside our dear stylin' mentor. ;)

Day two brought more lectures on blog purpose and marketing.
For our photoshoot we went to the Silver Lake Marina to take pictures of a daarrrling model!
But before we get to her, that awesome girl that is now all of our new favorite person, I want to stop and introduce you to our group one by one. :)
This is Jessica Shae, as beautiful as she is amazing!

This is Hannah and Carissa, the sister group that have their business together :D

Then there's Rachel Leigh :)

And of course I'm here too :)

So anyway....back to Amy, the fantabulous model that made our day. :D
First we all got a turn to take some....My turn was third :)

She was just the greatest thing and was SO very easy to take pictures of. :)

After we all took a swing at it, Jessica stepped up to the plate and finished up with a home run of photography brilliance as usual. :D

As you can see, the week is going spendidly and we're learning TONS!!! I never knew something this beneficial could be this fun. :)
♥ Through Christ's Love

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