Monday, June 27, 2011

Lila's First Haircut {houston,tx child photographer}

Everything we do in our life can seem mundane from time to time.
We get up,
get ready,
eat breakfast,
start our day.
We do everyday things, in the same places, with the same people, and at the same time. 
But do we forget
the mystery,
the wonder,
the excitement,
the unknown about
Our First Time?
Obviously we don't remember the first time we walked or talked...but what about the first book we read? Or the first time we rode a bike? Now that stuff is old hat but at one point it was new, strange, and undiscovered.
Last week I got to document this little cutie's very first haircut. :)
It all started at this place in a mall in Houston called:
When Lila got in the chair, they gave her some distraction to ward off the scary, butterfly fluttery, flip-flopping tummy feelings she may be having. She welcomed it happily. :)
They suited her up...
And she waited patiently as her Mommy explained to the hair-dresser what kind of haircut they had come for. 
"Just a's her very first. Oh and we want to keep as much of the length as possible!"
Isn't it funny how parents can be just as nervous (sometimes more so) about "firsts" then the children? :) 
Then the uncertainty began, the newness, the unpredictable parts of this thing called 
a haircut 
that Mommy and Daddy had warned her about...
The Spritzing was the first new experience...
But her Mommy was there to redirect her attention to a video they had playing for the kids. 
Even so, there was still the unpleasantness of not knowing what was coming next...Don't you imagine its a little scary seeing someone come at your hair with scissors when they've never done that before?? ;)
Good thing her Daddy was there to make her smile :)
She soon got the hang of it and looked like a beauty shop regular :D
Of course, another ball or two helped keep the mood peaceful :)
Before she knew it, the haircut was over. :)
And now, the next time they come she'll know just what to look forward to. :)
(i.e. Shorter hair, a new hair clip, and a quick ride on the carousel outside the shop.) ;D mirrors...they don't necessarily always show your good side. ;)

 Stay-tuned for more of little Lila later :D
~Through Christ's Love 

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  1. Allix,

    These pictures are wonderful! We can't wait to see the birthday pictures.

    Dale, Cynthia & Lila


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