Monday, June 13, 2011

Madeline Rain [New Life] {paris tx, newborn photographer}

"Babies are such a nice way to start people!" 
|Don Herrold|

There is something magical about seeing a baby that is only a few hours old. Knowing that only the day before they were tucked safely away in their mother's abdomen....growing.....
And months before that, they were still developing...fingers and toes being defined, eyes being able to open for the first time....And a year before that, they did not even exist! God really does work in wonderful and mysterious ways and we really are fearfully and wonderfully made. :)
I would like you all to meet my uncle Michael and aunt Joanna's new baby girl:
Madeline Rain.
Looks like she wasn't so sure about how things were going so far in this world outside her Mommy's tummy... 
But she eventually calmed down and realized, it's not so bad. :)
She found that, no matter how bright and cold and strange everything seemed around her, there were two people that she rather liked. One day she'll see how much they love her and she'll quickly learn to officially love them back. :)
She already makes faces just like her Daddy ;P
Precious little family moment. :D I wish big brother Lucas could've been there. They said it took him awhile, but he eventually warmed right up to her and was kissing her forehead. But it had been a long day for him, so he went home with the grandparents.
My parents and I all gladly got a turn to hold her! :D
I love you already, little Miss Maddie!! :) :)
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. I love the photos. Nothing beats holding a newborn baby! :)

  2. Great pictures...she is precious! Congratulations, Musick fam! =)


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