Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rachel Leigh - Vintage Bridal [Part Two] {mt. vernon tx, bridal portrait photographer}

She's baaaack. :) So, let's pick up where we left off:
For 5 glorious seconds the Sun came completely out and it really felt like genuine golden hour...it was lovely. :)
OH! I am so in love with this collage because of the cute story behind it. Rachel was creating "bridal-dialog" for herself as inspiration to make these faces. Starting from the bottom left hand corner and working clockwise:
"Is that him? Is he coming? {Looks to her mom} It is him.{Joyfully} Aww, he loves me! He said I'm beautiful. He looks great. He makes me so happy."
I adore this picture...
I really liked her hair being all the way down...she has such gorgeous long hair...it was needing to be showed off a bit. ;)
And that's it, my friends! It was hard choosing which ones to post because they are all (all 315 of them) so dear to me...really. I told Rachel, (as a joke of course...I'm not this idolizing.)
"It has been difficult to pick favorites because these pictures have become like my children and a mother should never put one child over another."
Not really...but STILL, I do love all these pictures. And I think it's because I love the girl so much...she is a truly amazing friend and I thank God SO often for her...she is rather wonderful. I know you will all miss seeing her pretty face on here...parting is such sweet sorrow. ;) 
But do not despair, we are close friends ya know...it's not like I'm never gonna take pictures of her again. You will see her....I promise. :)
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. And once again... we have loveliness indeed.
    I understand your dilema of having to pick favorites... The first few on the hillside are perfect. And I adore the one that you adore. And her dialogue is so cute!!
    All this vintage-ness is making me want to have a vintage party or swing dance or something.... ;-)

  2. Whoa...these turned out AWESOME! I especially love the first two (the background is SUPER!!), the dialog pictures are HILARIOUS!, I LOVE the one that you adore, and I really like the warm close up of me in the 7th collage. You're a wonderful photographer, Allix, and I had SUCH fun with you that day!! Love you!! <3 :D

  3. Again, they were awesome, Allix!!! Throughout the months and years, your photography has grown by leaps and bounds. :) They were such beautiful photos and I just loved the dialogue ones. So cute! :D

  4. these are really beautiful! The sepia/b&w ones are my favorites!

  5. Oh, I'm sorry, I LOVE the picture right after the picture that you adore. lol

  6. ALLIX RYAN BRUNSON~! You captured Rachel. She was so happy, I can see in her expressions that she had so much FUN. I almost think you may have started a trend. Having photo shoots with dresses of old. What a sweet way for mother's dress to be remembered on her granddaughter.It has been in that suitcase for 50 years and Wow is it fun to see it out again. I love the one you adore too and the one following that Rachel loves. I love them all,because they are my little girl.( young woman now )

  7. Alix, these are wonderful! You captured Rachel's simple grace and beauty! Love the dress!

  8. WOW!!! I LLLLOOOOVVVEEEE these pictures!!!!! You did a WONDERFUL job!!! :)

  9. Allix, what a wonder-filled beauty you have captured!

  10. these are GORGEOUS, Allix!!! i especially love the sepia one where she is looking down and smiling beautifully... lovely, lovely!!

  11. Oh my, Allix!! What beautiful photography! I love these. I think this is my absolute favorite of all of the shoots you've done so far. Rachel Leigh sounds like a very sweet lady. I love all of the vintage dresses, suitcases, heels, etc! So much vintage sweetness. And the locations-amazing!! Blessings!

    With Joy in Christ,


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