Monday, May 30, 2011

Rachel Leigh - Vintage Bridal {mt. vernon tx, bridal portrait photographer}

Hey all you people. :)
 Let me're here to see more of the amazingly gorgemous, Rachel Leigh??
 Well, there's good news and there's gooder news.
The good news is: I can deliver...BOY, can I deliver!!
The gooder news is: Even though she's not getting married right away, she played the part of a darling vintage bride and wore her grandmother's lovely wedding dress!!
It was spectacular.
Note: Because I am SOOOO in love with nearly all of the pictures I took of her, this post is FULL of collages. I was trying to sqeeeeze in all of the beautifulness as tightly as possible. And even so...this still is not the last blog post about Rachel! :D :D

"Let's start from the very beginning...a very good place to start. :)"
We began the vintage bridal shots at the breath-taking home of a friend of Rachel's mom, who lives in Pittsburg.
And theeeeennn....
Yes sirs and ma'ams....we went to the side of the road.
Arguably, one of THE best places to take pictures...period, exclamation point.
We captured the clouds' good side, cherished the Sun's shy rays, stepped over tall grasses, obviously got stung by a bee and didn't even notice it because I was so enthralled {this applies to me ;)}, watched lady bugs, praised God for Texas wildflowers, and pretty much enjoyed every leetle second of it. :)
Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...AHHH! :D :D
Those shoes are the shoes her Mamie wore in 1961....let me repeat nineteen-sixty-one...they were not the most comfortable things for Rachel to actually put on her feet but they sure were adorable to hold! :D
And the belt....beautiful. The leather has gotten kinda stiff but...hey if it works, roll with it. :) P.S. Thank you Lord for coloring the Greene's hydrangeas the exact same color as this was such a kind thing to do. :) :)
Sooo...I know this is kinda a hop towards 70s, but that is exactly what it made me think of when I first looked at it! Something about her facial expression, the road, the clouds...something...I just had to edit it and see how it turned out...I personally am kinda in love with it. :D
One of my dearest favs :) :) :)
 Queen Anne's Lace is so fantastic!!
O how I love Him!
And, btw, as to the cute blue suitcase...Lillian (Rachel's Mamie) received that as a gift when she and Donald (Rachel's Papa) got married...its supposed to match the belt. :D
SO! On that happy note, I will wrap up this post...and once again, leave you hungry for more. :) But you won't have to wait until Monday...cross my heart and wish to cry. ;) They'll be here tomorrow morning for you to enjoy. :D
~Through Christ's Love 

{Happy Memorial Day!}


  1. AAAHH!
    By the highway was the PERFECT place :D :D.
    My two favorites are the middle picture in the last second to last collage
    and the right picture in the last collage :D

  2. And I like the third one in the second collage :D

  3. oh, and I love the third picture :D

  4. Great photos again, Allix! Such gorgeous poses and of course with such a beautiful model! :)

  5. These are amazing!! I LOVE the second collage and the third picture which would actually be the 7th picture... but yeah haha. Great stuff! :)

  6. You rock my world Allix B. ;)

    These are absolutely breathtaking!!!


  7. Oh my word. I am totallllly in love with all of these!! You are going to be one rockin' wedding photog, my girl!!!!

    Oh, and Rachel - you look a.m.a.z.i.n.g. =)

  8. WOOOOW! Allix, these are awesome! You are such an amazing photographer! My favorites are the one where she's crossing the road and the b&w laughing one. :) Rachel, the dress suits you perfectly. You look so pretty!

  9. Ooh ALLIX!!!!! (and Rachel ;-) These are ammmmmaaaazing. Like, really amazing. I literally held my breath as I scrolled through each one. You did a perfect job capturing such vintage, natural and beautiful pictures. I think my favorites are number 3 and 4, and the 70's esque one of her crossing the road, I just love the coloring and calmness of it!! Bravo.

    Rachel, you are lovely. That dress is amazing, I am just lightly jealous :P. But it's the accessories that perfect this shoot, the shoes and the SUITCASE!!!!!! Wow, I have been looking for one just like that :)


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