Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rachel Leigh - Vintage {pittsburg tx, portrait photographer}

Now, I know I promised a vintage bridal shoot. But this is the preface. The true bridals are coming on Monday...you will survive the wait....maybe ;)

All of you that just gasped and said, "THAT'S RACHEL LEIGH!!! SHE'S GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!" Yes...hopefully...one day...but not anytime "relatively soon." But we did think it would be fun for me to do some pictures of her in a couple of her Mamie's old dresses. Her Mamie and Papa are having their 50th wedding anniversary this summer, so Mrs. Lillian Malone had fun seeing these precious outfits on someone again. :) This particular dress that we started the day with was the dress Lillian wore on her first date with Donald {i.e. Rachel's Papa.} I think Rachel pulled it off like a regular sweetheart. :)
"Waiting for the Date"
If you couldn't already tell (you might want to get your eyes checked if this be the case), this girl is adorable, beautiful, wonderful...inside and out! She's a DEAR DEAR friend and an EVEN DEARER sister in Christ. I would give you guys a hint that she's single but that may upset her imaginary date that she was waiting for...but, ahem...aside from Mr. Lonely (i.e. Rachel's imaginary date) , she's not taken. ;)
So, as I was thinking about how cute these pictures were turning out and how great the day was beginning, Rachel says, 
"Hey! I just realized this dress has pockets!" 
RAAACHUUUWL! That's BRILLIANT!!! Cock your shoulder back just slightly!!! AHH!!! {I'm melting, I'm MEEELLLTIIINNNG!} ;D
She had unknowingly found the key to make her look even more like a circa 1950s/60s model....BAM!
And let me just take the time to mention how awesome the dress is!!! It has a weather vane on it, people!! LOVE it!! (P.S. Mrs. Malone happily said, "Don loved it when I wore that dress. I bet he still loves that old thing.")
But this dress is just the beginning. There was still the wedding dress to try on! And we did...believe me, these awesome pictures...That's not all I got...so I hope this made you thirsty for more!! Monday isn't that far away...I promise. ;) 
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. LOVE these -- ABSOLUTELY beautiful photos and girl! :)

  2. These are SO beautiful and fun!! You did an awesome job capturing the dress and Rachel. I just love the pocket pictures, so vintage :D
    Cant wait to see the wedding dress shots (though I did see one sneak peak ;)

  3. Yay!! I love the pocket ones the best :D. And thanks for the sweet words, friend <3

  4. O Myyyy wordy wordy. These are fab ;) Espesh love the pocket ones!!! :) Can't wait to see the rest!

  5. These are super cute!! =) Can't wait to see some more... :D

  6. Singing~......"You are 16," "going on 17," la la la la laaaa!I love the idea of blogging each week. You know your life will just "whiz by" even faster doing this,or maybe not. :0) It might be a good reminder, have you done more with your life since last week? Hmmmmmm......love you.
    mrs greene P.S. I wish my lips looked like Rachel's, she has always looked like she was wearing lipstick since the day she was BORN. :)

  7. Oh my goodness!! These pictures took my breath away! Literally... they are stunning. You did such a beautiful job of capturing Rachel's sweet spirit in her grandmother's dress. The simple, vintage cut is absolutely perfect... not to mention the pockets! I love the three hat pictures, the pocket couple, and the detail photos you captured...


    Absolutely perfect!! ...do you mind if I visit this post again just to brighten my day? :)

  8. Johanna,
    Thanks SO much for your comment!! It was the sweetest thing ever! :D I'm glad you love these pictures (I do too!!) Rachel was an amazing model. I can't wait to post the other ones on Monday!
    P.S. Visit this post as much as you want. I don't mind ;D


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