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Sixteen...{northeast, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer} [personal]

I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.  |Charles Schulz|

16 years ago...Tuesday, May 23rd, 1995
I was born,
 (for the first time) 
{I'll explain, shortly}

In an instant our family grew by two feet, two blue eyes, one little auburn curl, and one dimple to the right. ;) Little eight year old Holly was a big sister, and Mama and Daddy were new parents all over again. Everything was new and exciting. The present was smiled at and the was future hoped for. :)
The first year flew by quickly...I learned to talk and walk and all that good stuff. By the time I turned one, the hair was blonde and long enough for dog ears. ;)
Year two was wild and exciting. I was developing my own silly little personality and wit. Curious and Mischievous were my middle names. ;)
Year three, I was officially a hoot and a half and I'm pretty sure I talked a few people's ears off. I'm told that I far too often employed my new questioning word, "Why?" 
 Year Four, my hair and I hit a growth spurt and I entered into the stage of life that is better to just be enjoyed. I didn't yearn everyday to be five. I was too busy finding out how fun age four was! It was a busy year for me...I suffered a severe head injury, I got my favorite toy -hands down and to this day- for Christmas, I became an older cousin to twins, and rode through a tornado in a little white car...last time I checked, I surprisingly survived that age...
Five brought lots of firsts. I got my first haircut (which brought on bangs...hmmm :/) and I started Kindergarten at a little school in my hometown. It was close enough that Holly and I could've walked but we only did that once. ;) I taught myself to read (because I felt Kindergarten didn't get the job done fast enough---God still hasn't burned off that impatience dross yet) and was soon so in love with books that I read to my friends during Story Corner. :D

Year six I started 1st grade and realized that I had to learn other things besides how to finger-paint a pair of paper butterfly wings. I applied myself like a little intellectual and excelled in my new found subjects like Science, Math, and Social Studies. ;)

Ah, seven...The year that all my teeth fell out and my favorite food was mashed potatoes. ;) And I must say I LOVE the third picture here because it sums a lot of that year teeth, new favorite shirt that my Gran-Nanny bought me and I wore at least twice a week, and the hairstyle that my mom discovered and simply had to do before :/ Let's just say I wasn't exactly in love with it ;D 

When I was eight, Holly turned 16. I realized my big Sissy was growing up... she had a job, a driver's license, a car...I joined UIL (academic competitions) and, along with several of my best friends, we stomped our fellow competitors, if I do say so myself. I also attended a handful of Maverick games - always with a painted face. ;)  I also got a HUGE haircut at the end of the was the first time I had had short hair (excepting when I was tiny and my hair was growing of course.) And...yes...that sweater was my beloved item of clothing that I must've worn every other day because I have it on in nearly EVERY picture from this year.

When I was nine, I struggled alot trying to find my place in this weird phase between "Little Kid" and "Preteen." Fourth grade was tough...everyone was different and everybody was trying to act like "Cool Mature Children." Holly also graduated and went off to college and a summer job. I hardly ever saw her was hard. She came back engaged and happily making wedding plans.

The year that I turned ten started with Holly getting married. I was her maid of honor. :) I became an only-child of sorts because she moved two hours away. I spent my year trying to act like an adult, preparing for Junior High. I was starry-eyed with anticipation: Make-up! Boyfriends! High-Level Math! My dreams were (thankfully) to be shattered. :)  

When I turned eleven things took a drastic 180 turn. My parents were told about the Doctrines of Grace and they started seeing things in Scripture that their eyes had never been opened to before. We started going to a different church and when I started 6th grade, I started it at home. My parents were also convicted about me being in public school so my mom started homeschooling me. (No...I'm not "unsocialized", I was not "traumatized" or "introverted.") I wasn't friends with the same people...but I made new friends. I adjusted faster than you might imagine. ;) Oh! And I also went to the Alamo for the first time with my family...bring on the educational homeschool field trips! :D

Year twelve, I got a new puppy. :) And our family went to Virginia for the Quardricentennial of the Founding of Jamestown (and, in turn, our country). It was there that we built relationships with people that are so dear to us now...I can hardly put it into words. :') 

Thirteen! Oh boy :D The beginning of the teenage years. :) This is what we call the "gangly  phase." lol...I got braces...which was much needed. ;) And I met/got close to even more amazing Godly friends. This is also the year that I was born again {told you I'd explain} and became a child of God! I had a new heart, new being, new desires, and such wonderful new joy! :) :) 

Fourteen was a trying year and a HUGE learning mother had two miscarriages, my dear Gran-Nanny died suddenly of cancer, and I dealt with such struggles with my flesh that I had not known formerly. I also got a drastic haircut...again...I just can't learn from my mistakes. {Note to self: YOU LOVE YOUR HAIR LONG!!! BELIEVE IT!!! DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!}

And now, let us reflect on this past year. Fifteen was fun, and awesome, and monumental. I got my first DSLR and my love for photography hit a new height, I had NO braces, my family and friends seemed sweeter and dearer than ever before, God brought me through valleys and let me rest on hilltops. I was able to do a wonderful internship with a new friend, I got a perm, and oh the joys I could tell of this year could go on and on. :) :)

And now...onto sixteen. I'm sure it will be "an awfully big adventure." 
"This all my prayer shall be, More love, More love, O Christ, to thee!" -Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

P.S. I know I keep doing these posts with old pictures....getting tired of scanned photos, much?! ;D Just get ready...tomorrow, I'm starting a series of posts from a vintage bridal shoot I did last week...if it doesn't knock your socks off, you might need to check your pulse. ;)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. I loooooove this! But mostly I just love you. You are such a dearheart, and you inspire me!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Oh, Allix!!! This is SUCH a sweet post!! It's been AMAZING watching you grow into a even more Godly young woman. I love you, dear friend!! And I can not WAIT until tomorrow ;D

  3. Awww, loooved this post!! You are super cute, you know that? =) And once again - HaPpY bIrThDaY!!

  4. Happy birthday, Allix!! Love ya!


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