Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lucas Ray {paris, tx child photographer}

 they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.  
|william stafford|

His name is Lucas Ray Musick.
He's two. 
He's my cousin. 
He's gonna be a big brother soon to a baby girl named Madeline Rain. 
And I love him to pieces. :) 
He loves to eat ice...even when it gives him a brain freeze. ;D
This is where his little sis, Maddie, is spending the next few weeks before she greets the world sometime late this month or early June!
Little Lukey loves his Mommy and Daddy, Joanna and Michael :) {and they love him right back!}
{I was showing him the Moon. :)}
Love ya, my little Luke-man! :D

~Through Christ's Love 

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