Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quiet on the Set!! {dallas, tx lifestyle and portrait photographer}

When you see a silent movie, 
you understand everything that's going on from the images
 because the images are so strong.
|Monica Bellucci|

Let me explain a few things before I get this post really going. Some friends of ours are filming a silent western movie for the SAICFF. {San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival} There were two scenes in particular that they needed some extras/actors to fill in the gaps. This post is about one of those scenes, because my parents, my two little cousins, and I were privileged to be apart of it! (To all you agents out there...our acting career is likely at a stand still for now so it would be best if you looked for your Next Greatest Movie Stars somewhere else.) ;D

Some of the film crew :)

Lovely co-extras ;)
My dad got to be "The Balloon Man" for a day. He said it was the most depressing job to have a handful of balloons with a crowd of giddy children surrounding him and he had to pretend like he was giving them out and then he'd have to take them back. The kids were SO confused! Finally at the end of the day they let him give them to the kids which made them (and him) over-joyed. :D
Aaaandd, there were TONS of ADORABLE littles there in their western costumes which made me oh-so-happy....as usual. ;)
I don't remember this little girl's first name, but she is Josiah's older sister. Isn't this stunning, though?! Completely candid too! :D
~Bella Joy~ 
~Silas Kevin~
~Shiloh Knox~ (Pssst, he's turning ONE this week!! Happy Early Birthday Lo-las) :D
LOL! Well...excuse the "Wanted" Poster...this is Stephen Nehemiah and I'm quite positive he wouldn't hurt a flea.
Though he did keep that sling-shot nearby at all times. ;)
They're buddies :D
These are my cousins, Maggie Grace and Anna Claire (my favorite 5 and 2 year old in the whole wide world) ;D
They're sweet, caring, funny, adorable, and absolutely gorgeous...in both color
 and black and white. ;)
~Through Christ's Love 

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  1. Those were great pictures, Allix! I need to go through mine and edit them. That was such a fun day and I look forward to hearing about the second shoot that I missed out on. :)


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