Monday, March 12, 2012

New Love // Instagram: personal

So I'm in.
That huge photography world that is so different and full of endless possibilities based on cameras that can literally be with you at all times through every adventure that your Real Camera just can't be there for.
I'm in.
And, I'm loving it so much more than I ever even thought I would.
P.S. I don't have my own iPhone.
Sorry, not that cool.
But my mom happily lets me use her new one for this lovely little app. :)
Yay for moms. :) 
This is teaching me so much about my "eye" for photography. When all the shmancy equipment is pulled away and all you have to work with is a square template and 1936 x 1936 megapixels, artistic tendencies come harder in some ways but in other ways it automatically forces you to be more creative.
Anyways, its been good. Like I said, I'm learning a lot about my deep, hidden, personality when it comes to photography.
For instance:
I love these kids...a lot. Their little faces just SCREAM "capture my cuteness!" I swear...if you listen really closely you'll hear it. As soon as they stop asking me to swing them and or draw a horse. ;)
{P.S. I'm terrible at drawing horses.}
Moving on...

Anna has her own little routine which often includes starting the day right after she arrives at our house by "working" at the computer desk. Her main goal is to avoid a nap but sometimes it doesn't work out quite the way she has planned. ;) And then everything hits a high note when Maggie finally, after enduring a long arduous day at Kindergarten gets to join this craziness. ;) Speaking of Mag, March 2 has come and gone and "now she is 6." :') Though we were in town all day we made it a point to run by their house on the way home on the night of her birthday just before she went to bed. Dressing up like princesses seemed like the perfect thing to do at 10:30...its not like she was stalling to lengthen her birthday celebration or anything. ;D

The Word of God is so very precious to me. And it makes me happy to see such sweet words of truth with pretty colors beneath them. :) like food.
{You know, the code. ;)}
 There's a lot more meals that probably would have looked lovely as an Instagram creation but I...uh...ate them before I could even think to do so.

Fried deer steak, Sonic Happy Hour, Saturday morning apple-cinnamon-yogurt-pancakes, homemade {super hearty} chicken soup for my parents who were sicksick at the time, and, oh one weakness.

Little flowers, rain, storm clouds at still my heart, this must be Spring! :D

Dad. Grandfather. Uncle. Wearing the hats of my great-grandfather.
This is my heritage, people. Don't be jealous.

I am getting super pumped about this summer...and this girl's wedding is one of the reasons why... definitely a favorite on this year's calender. :D

{Shots  from her lovely bridal shower}

Something super special that will be part of their guest book...which my mom and I are making for them. :D Embroidering for the first time in a long time felt really good. :)

Painting my fingernails has become a new happy thing for me. I like how dainty and special it makes my hands look. ;)

Between learning this ridiculously soul-stirring song and fiiiinally diving into the Hunger Games {I literally devoured the first less than two days} before the movie comes out at the end of this month, my brain has been left virtually in mush mode due to over use and excitement. ;)

I'm officially in the groove of this new defenition of Mondays. I'm still not quite over seeing myself in scrubs without feeling like I'm in a costume though. ;)

While we're on the subject, once you have an official job, does that mean it might be time to give up the Skittles bank?? 
As usual, my stubborn self is not convinced. 

After ages and ages of patiently waiting, and diligent work...and buying Wyoming from a 5 year old buddy boy of mine...
I officially have a quarter from ALL 50 STATES! Whoop!

 I've been crushing on this picture since I took it. Its my favorite so far. :) :)

Did you know any of that about me?
I certainly didn't.
That's me.
Ok...not so much. Those peeks into my hearts were all painfully obvious finds. 
But, hey, now I can capture all my little loves and post them for you people to see!
If you have Instagram and you care anything about tuning in to my {predictable} little snapshots of life, you can follow me @allixryanbrunson

~Through Christ's Love  

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  1. I wish I had an iPhone :( :P ... Very cool pictures!!! I like the hats! :)


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