Sunday, March 18, 2012

Harper Dru: 3 weeks // northeast, tx newborn photographer

 Me, my camera, a purple tutu and a 7 pound mass of preciousness which is this red headed baby girl.
Thus was a peek at my happy Friday. :)

Harper was much more wide-eyed and curious than the last time I saw her. :D
And certainly more expressive. ;)
Baby sneeze :)
"Ollo!" ;) {Megamind anyone??}
By this time everyone was done for the day...
including me who had just gotten eaten alive by fire ants in this field.
Literally, I almost lost my leg.
Yes, feel free to be sorry for me.
~Through Christ's Love  


  1. I love the hands & feet picture inside.. and all the outside ones are great!

  2. So precious!!! Oh my goodness, these pictures are too cute! I love the pictures with the siblings..too sweet! :)

  3. Oh,these are adorable! I love that last one.

  4. I think it's pronounced "hello"... :P Love that movie!

  5. the second-to-last is my favorite. yes, fire ants make TX photoshoots exciting! :)

  6. Harper is positively adorable! The purple is a wonderful contrast in the photos. I absolutely love the ones of her toes and the ones with her and siblings. So so so so cute!

  7. I love the outside ones! I just found your blog...I'm trying to start my own photography business.

    Personal Blog:

  8. Aw, the baby looks so adorable in the photograph. I've only just seen what the were talking about and if you want a gift, then a handbag would perhaps be ideal.


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