Thursday, March 1, 2012

Harper Dru: fresh born // mt. pleasant, tx infant photographer

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you..."
// Jeremiah 1:5 //

This, my friends, is the newest member of my extended family.
Miss Harper Dru Pirtle
One aspect of her arrival has had me in knots of anticipation all 9 months.
Her big sister Tomi is dark complected with dark brown hair.
{Like their Daddy}
But big brother Jett is pale and red headed.
{Like their Mama}
So, it was a total toss up when it came to guessing what would be next.

And so when they pulled back the little hat I was happyhappy to first and foremost notice that she was the newest carrot top in the Pirtle home. :)
No matter how many times I hold a baby...its still just as wonderful and unique in its degree of joy every time. :D
There's always new faces to smile at
Tiny sizes to be blown away by
Introductions to be made

And of course, if you're me...there is always new pictures to make. :)
Babies seem to be constantly at an overflow status of sweetness...
But don't be fooled...looks like some sass made its way under that feathery hat of hers ;)
Welcome to the family, little Harper! :D
~Through Christ's Love  

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  1. What a pretty baby! I love really captured the emotion.


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